should i get the paddington!!

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  1. hey guys!

    the costa mesa store finally called to say that the paddington in offwhite arrived!!! but now im having doubts on whether i should buy it sine it is reallie expensive!! and there are these other miu miu shoes and bags that i am looking at which added together is still cheaper than the paddington! but i love this bag so much :shame: !

    do you guys think its worth it? how long do you think it will stil be in style for??

    please help me decide!! thanks
  2. I don't know what your personal style/preferences are, but I can tell you that it's an absolutely gorgeous bag. If I didn't already have a Paddy in chocolate, I would have been all over this one.
  3. If you really love it, buy it. A bunch of bags you like will not make up for one bag that you really love...and you can carry it forever. Since Phoebe Philo is retiring, it will be a collector's item and who knows...may even achieve a "classic" status. I wanted one for a year, then sent it back because it did not look right on me (I am not near any stores, so could not try it in person), but I am ordering a different style Paddy sometime this week (as soon as I decide on the color). If you love it and can afford it, buy it!
  4. It is a gorgeous bag that transcends the trends. If you've seen them in person you know the leather is soft and fabulous and the details and hardware are icing on the cake.

    I have the cream one and have carried it a lot this winter, it's a pretty and rich looking winter white. I'll add the usual if you love it and can swing it, go for it. Here's your chance! If you get it be sure to post pics.
  5. i absolutely love my paddington. i would definitely say you should order one. it's a great bag.
  6. I think if you really love the Chloe bag and if you can afford it, you will be happy you bought it!
  7. hey!

    you know, if you really love this bag, i think you should get it! i'll always keep saying, "if you see someone walking down the street with you bag - you'll just kick yourself"

    dont live with regret! live in the now and enjoy the bag!!! :smile:

    good luck with what you decide!
  8. I say go for it! The off white is a beautiful color and is supposedly the "new black" :biggrin:
  9. You'll love it! Go for it:smile:) If you get the other stuff, you'll still be pining for the Paddy. So, just get it and plug that emotional hole, lol!