Should I get the mono Pochette Acceossries?

  1. I just read the other thread, "what LV did you regreat to purcharse?"

    Many girls here regreat to buy the pochette accesorries, because it is too small. Is it really? coz I was considering to get one before the price raise.

    And anyone know how much will increase?:s
  2. I think that's something that's very personal.
    You have to decide for yourself if you like big or small purses...
    I can't understand why people get those really big bags but it's each for their own...
  3. i fill my bags with so much junk but i adore my mono pochette:love:
  4. I've never regetted buying my mono pochette. I use it when I go out (it can hold my wallet, pochette clés, cell phone, lip gloss and tissues). But when I'm using a bigger bag like my speedy 30 or my chelsea tote, I attach it to the D ring with the key extender and stuff all my small things in it so I can find then easily. So I use it almost every day. Couldn't miss it.
    I think it's a really usefull little bag, so if you want one, go get it :yes:
  5. I am thinking to get one too...oh~ too many bags, too little $$$.
  6. The price increase on the PA isn't that high usually here's it's about 5 €. I sold mine because I'm a big bag girl and for a make-up pouch it was to big for my taste and the LV cosmetic pouch is washable inside so therefor I got this one instaed of the PA. But if you like a going out purse it's probably a good idea to buy it and you have to love it!!
  7. It fits more than the Lexington, and I also don´t understand the girls who need a massive bag (except mums of course). Like Bunny said for going out the evening you only need cash, CC, cell, lipgloss, keys. And for the day very convenient inside a bigger bag for easy access !
  8. i think its a good buy

    dun bother wat others think..prob it dun suit their lifestyle..

    maybe its just the bag u r looking for since u r attracted to it :smile:
  9. i have 3 pochettes, i love them and wouldn't mind getting more
  10. the pochette is a pretty, useful bag. i don't have one, but i have the mini pochette and i just love it- it is super handy to have. and it's so pretty!
  11. The Pochette accessories is a must for everyone! It's my going out at night bag and I just can’t tell you how light this bag is even when I pack it! It's the most convenient purse I own, so great on the shoulder, and very pretty. I have had my PA for about 10 yrs and u could never tell that it has been thru some great nights out. You would NEVER regret this purchase!! :yes:
  12. get it for times when all you need is a cell phone, keys, and a wallet..
  13. I love to use smaller bags inside of my larger bags - it makes everything so much easier to find. And besides, they're so cute!
  14. it's a great going out bag when you just want to carry the minimum (cash, cards, lipstick), especially when on a night out!!

    i'm a big bag girl coss i just want to be able to put stuff in. I have my running shoes, bottle of water, work papers in my big bags. so i switch to the pochette for a night out =)

    it's a classic and i don't think you'll regret it! I heard someone it would be a 10% price but it might vary depending on location... not sure... perhaps someone has more accurate ingfo
  15. You should definitely add a Pochette to your collection. ;)