should i get the mono neverfull now, or wait almost ayear for the damier?

  1. i got a hold of one, and it's the only one at the store right now, should i go for it? or should i wait for the damier? if both were available rigth now, i'd definitely go for the daimer, but it's such a loooong time to wait.
  2. I say wait for what you love. It is always worth the wait...whether it is a man or a bag.
  3. ^^^ LOL,wait for the man, not the bag. get it now, if you would use it.
  4. i actually quite like the monogram never despite not being a fan of the MC. i'd say go for it if you need the bag, but wait if you can if you want one in damier. personally, i think MC would look better.
  5. Get the mono now! and get the Damier later! :roflmfao::lol::upsidedown:
  6. Get the mono now only if you're in love...if not, wait for the damier.
  7. i'm waiting to see the damier azur! you should wait! or get both!
  8. I'd rather wait for damier since you won't have to worry too much about getting the straps dirty.
  9. i would definitely prefer the damier...but just hate the wait and also, who knows what hte price is going to be by the time it gets released next year....not sure what to do.
  10. I say get both :smile:

    Perhaps different sizes :smile:
  11. definitely wait for the bag. i am also waiting for damier neverfull.
  12. wait for the damier neverfull! i want to get that one, too. :smile:
  13. wait for what you really love! I think you'll regret it if you don't...I usually do, lol.
  14. I would get it now, price is really reasonable. Get the damier next year when it comes out.
  15. You never know......the damier release date may change yet again....
    I think it's bizarre that such a successful line of new bags like the Neverfull is going to be postponed....It would make more sense to release these right before the Christmas shopping season...

    I would wait and see......LV may just surprise you !!!!!!

    <--------personally holding out for hope that Azur neverfull will be in Feb. as originally planned !!!!