should i get the MOCA Murakami Neverfull PM or MM??


What Neverfull should I get? (5'5" 120#)

  1. Monogram PM

  2. Monogram MM

  3. MOCA Murakami PM

  4. MOKA Murakami MM

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  1. Merry Christmas everyone!! I reeeeeeeeally want to snag a Murakami Neverfull from eBay and treat myself to something nice :yahoo: I'm 5'5" 120# and I'm completely torn between the PM and MM!! Does anyone have pics of what they can fit in the PM and MM?

    I REALLY want to carry the bag with vachetta cinched tight because I think it looks better, does anyone have pics of that?

    Which should I get??

  2. You should totally get the MM!!!!!!
  3. the pm can fit magazines and stuff, and will hold all of the necessities and more, but the mm can hold a good amount more!

    i think for your size you could go with either, but no matter what, get a MOCA neverfull, they are gorgeous!
  4. moca neverfull in MM
  5. MOCA MM! Merry Christmas!
  6. Another vote for MOCA MM ;)