Should I get the mini lin speedy in dune?

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  1. Does anyone have any pics of it, I picked up my new LVOE phone charm and scarf and I saw this bag. It was so cute. I love light bags. I am not a mono girl but this was subtle and very pretty. Does anyone have this bag? I was also looking at the Suhali lock it, that is gorgeous! Should I buy this speedy? Does it sag? and while it get dirty looking cause it is fabric? Thanks!!!:P
  2. I don't own one, but I personally think it is adorable. LV could always clean it for you, right?
  3. I don't own one YET but i want to get that bag in the dune color as well. i say GO FOR IT!~
  4. I don't own one, but have seen it irl and I love it! If you check the "celebreties and lv" section, there are a few pics of ashley tisdale with one.
  5. I'm a little sceptical about the light fabric- however it looks nice.
    How about the epi ivory montaigne bowling bag pm-its fabulous! loveeeeeeee EPI
  6. get the azur instead...
  7. I agree with BagFetish. I like the azur better. I haven't seen the dune in person though but I think I like the azur better.
  8. I think Mini Lin in ebony is a lot better than Dune. If you prefer the light colour so go with an Azur.
  9. Very pretty too look at, but would be a total stresser for me.:sweatdrop:
  10. i really like the mini lin in dune... very pretty in person. however, i am afraid it would get dirty easily
  11. Don't have that bag -- but I LOVE mini lin!!
  12. Ok, I'm the black sheep - I've got both the Mini lin in Dune and the Azur - yes, it does sag like any other speedy, but that's easily fixed with a hard bottom like a magazine or cardboard. I'm very careful with my mini lin, I don't stick it on the floor, I keep it on my person at all times. It's a spot cleaning kind of bag, but if you take care of it, you won't have to really clean it all that much. The cream color of the Mini lin will match better than the two tone of the Azur - you've got the blue and the cream to contend with. Also, there's no patina issues with the mini-lin, that creamy white leather will always stay that color.
  13. I think you should get it!!:yes:
  14. I like the mini lin speedy in dune -- such a pretty pale color for summer. But I would be worried about it getting dirty, but I think that if you are careful, then it will probably be okay generally.
  15. Get one of those purse hangers to keep it off the floor. It'll help a lot!