Should I get the metallic black or wait for the dark silver?:(Please help.

  1. There's a black metallic black reissue waiting for me but i was also informed that they will have the dark silver between now and March. Should I get the MB or wait for the DS?:idea: Please help:smile: I only have a black caviar jumbo classic flap in GH, white caviar jumbo classic flap in SH and pink medium caviar 2.55.:smile:
  2. Since u have a black caviar classic, i wuld wait for the dark silver as the color is more fabulous than metallic black.
  3. I have to agree, i would wait for the dark silver
  4. Thanks for the help Celia and Mediana:smile:
  5. Definitely wait for the dark silver!!! It's a real beauty IRL!!! I've one and I'm still totally in awe with it!!!
  6. If I were you...definitely the dark silver HANDS DOWN! =D
  7. Oh dear! I agree with everyone above cos not only do i have the DS and love it to bits, U already have a black, so pt getting another black over the lovely lovely DS!
  8. thanks Olivya and babevivtan:smile:
  9. I agree with the other ladies that you should wait for the DS. It's gorgeous in real life!
  10. Dark silver, for sure!
  11. Another vote for dark silver!
  12. Definately get the dark silver. I just received mine today and its beautiful - you won't be disappointed.
  13. The dark silver is AMAZING.
  14. Oh, thank you sooo mucch:smile: for all your help.... will wait for the dark silver. I hope it will be soon..
  15. Dark silver most definitely!