Should I get the medallion

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  1. I have been going CRAZY:wtf: trying to decide on my next bag. I've always had LV's but recently I've been admiring Chanel and Hermes. I lead a VERY casual (but classic) lifestyle as a SAHM. I recently purchased a MM herbag that was gigantic and returned it and and then decided on a LV speedy 30. Of course, I was just at the library and saw a woman with a medallion tote. It was beautiful but I wonder if I can use it everyday or if it would be too dressy. Also, many had said it's a hand carry but her straps were pretty long and she was shoulder carrying it. I have a longchamp tote I can use when I need lots of kids stuff...usually I only carry a little kids stuff. I know the medallion is leather and the LV is not but I love that the LV's canvas is very indestructable. Any thoughts on how dressed down a medallion can go and modeling pics would be great. I finally saw a GST and am sure it's not for me so I think if I go chanel it would be the medallion.
  2. I have the Medallion which I use everyday. It fits perfectly on my shoulder from the day I bought it. The bag really is indestructable. I have thrown the bag on the floor, worn it in the rain, taken it practically everywhere! It still looks as perfect as the day I got her. Just recently now I was thinking of selling the bag to fund a Cerf Tote though, but only because the Medallion in my eyes lately has been looking a little small. But I am still not sure I can part with the Medallion. It was my first Chanel bag and I still love it. Another thing that is great about the Medallion is that it can be switched to an all black bag or whatever color ur getting, or you can add the little bling to it by leaving the Medallion out to hang. So it can instantly switch the look of the bag. I say get it! You will in no way be disappointed.

    Little FYI though, make sure you get an ITALY made one! The France Medallions are god awful! For some reason French ones have very thick handles which will eventually flop down and look tacky. Italy handles stand up better and don't droop :smile:
  3. Oh and I will mention that I wear the bag with casual clothes, anywhere from jeans to sweats, as well as dressy clothes. The bag works with everything!!!
  4. im getting a large next month,as ive seen a few people with it in black,and in summer white,it can be worn causal or smart,its a classic bag that your enjoy for a long time,does anyone know the sizes it comes in,how big?,i want a large black,but only ever seen a med one
  5. :confused1:

    All of mine are made if France and look fantastic. My handles are fine and I by no means think they look god awful.
  6. Oh I have french made Chanel flaps ect.... I just mean the Medallion style is better made in Italy from all the ones I have seen. I have only seen the floppy handles on France made Medallions.

    Kirkcaldy the Medallion only comes in one size.
  7. oh no,then its too small for me,ill have to choose another bag,i wanted a large tote ,drat!,oh well thanks for info