Should I get the LV iPhone Case?

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  1. well I called up my store and asked if they by any chane had the LV iphone case in monogram they said yes!! should i get it ?? I saw that they were going for over the asking price of $235 on ebay it was crazy!! I guess if I didnt like it I could always sell it on ebay for more??

    what should i do lol

  2. I don't personally love it.
  3. If you need it and LVoe it, then buy it!

    I'm getting an iPhone sometime this year, but I'll be using the MC Pochette MM.
  4. The LV iPhone case is very cute but it doesn't seem too practical in its use. You'll have to constantly slide the iPhone out of the case to use the phone and then what happens if you drop the iPhone while it's not in its case?

    I would recommend going with a case that covers the iPhone but remains on the iPhone when still in use. I use the iSkin by Revo for iPhone case and love it. And it's a lot less expensive than the LV iPhone case (I think it was under $50 give or take). You could put the money that you would have spent on the LV case towards another LV item (wallet or purse).
  5. I like it, but don't love it...

    But it is a good point you could always sell it on eBay for more if you don't fall absolutely in love!
  6. It's a no go IMO.. But if I could get my hands on one, I'd resell it on eBay. Easy profit. But, if you're not really concerned about that then I'd say no. It isn't the safest case for your iphone as it is a pouch and not an actual hard case. I prefer cases that cover my actual phone to protect it from damage if dropped.

    This is the case I use for my iphone.
  7. No. I upgrade cell phones too much. In fact, they are coming out with a new iPhone soon.
  8. wow. u modify your phone... so nice.
  9. i have and i love it.

    i really think you would too!
  10. For some reason, maybe because I don't have an iPhone case, I still want one. I've never been able to find one. I'm guessing if I bought one, I probably wouldn't use it since it doesn't cover the phone when it's in use.
  11. I agree- I also have a hardcase which may stay on the iphone, when in use.
  12. well I have it on hold for me.. ehhh hopefully I like it but if I dont I can always sell it
  13. sadly that case will not out in my country yet..
  14. it might be inconvenient to keep sliding it in and out of the case. i have a clear hard case on mine and with a clip. so it's a bit easier. I bought it from apple for $30.
  15. i have it & i love mine it's the perfect case. i had one from apple that was basically the same design before hand also, i hate the cases that stay on the phone all the time because they don't protect the screen. i've tried those plastic sticker screen protecters on my ipod, it's so scratched i can barely read it anymore.