Should I Get The Luxury Flap In Khaki Or Black?

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  1. I want to get a LUXURY FLAP but which color? The chain work is so wow!

    I'm torn between the metatllic black from 2006 fall/winter and the metallic khaki from 2007 cruise collection. I guest most member familiar with the metallic black? The khaki is like the bronze color as in the baby cabas & the hardware is in copper color. I have never have this color in my collection yet.

    Thanks for your input.
  2. They're both beautiful, I pick khaki.
  3. I saw the khaki lux flap on sat at the boutique and it is absolutely stunning! I wasn't going to buy it though, because I bought the khaki cabas. The black flap is gorgeous as well, but if you already have a black bag then try the khaki.

  4. So you have seen both khaki cabas ( you have it already) and the khaki luxury flap, are they the same color & hardware?

    I'm defininitely want to get a khaki cabas also (3rd on list, fingers crossed). I like the black flap also but then I have several black purses already too.
  5. The color and the hardware of the 2 bags are identical. Are you planning on buying both the flap and the cabas in khaki?
  6. I have the black metallic luxury flap and find it to be really striking in that color. It isn't a typical black bag due to the sheen. I can't picture the khaki color on the flap; I can see it on the luxury bowler but to me, khaki belongs on a larger size bag. I don't know why I feel that way though. :shrugs:
  7. i vote khaki! i love this color!!
  8. I voted for khaki without reading the thread...but if you're going to get the khaki cabas, I vote black.
  9. The khaki in this style with the copper chain is phenomenal--it's eye-poppingly gorgeous! I love the black too, but on this one I'd say to go with the khaki since it's so unique and special.
  10. I vote the khaki.
  11. I have seen the bowler in khaki and it's so pretty. The color is unique and beautiful.
  12. They're both so nice but if I can only pick one, it would be the black one.
  13. i'd normally choose black, but if you dont have a khaki coloured bag, PLUS the fact that the hardware sounds so different, so you should get the khaki! it sounds yummmy and you must remember to share pics with us if u end up getting it! =)
  14. There will be a metallic khaki in my collection for sure. Will it be a baby cabas or luxury flap in this color? Since I'm also waiting for the baby cabas that have the same color & copper hardware, I might not get the khaki flap.

    Is it the black metallic flap hard to get now? The metallic black sound rare.