Should I Get The Luxury Flap In Khaki Or Black?


Luxe flap in metallic black or khaki?

  1. Khaki

  2. Metallic Black

  3. Others (dark sliver?)

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  1. I have only seen the khaki in the picture, it seems a little "dry". Has anyone seen them IRL? Which color do you like better? Is the khaki one hard to find now?Thanks!
  2. I personally like the black the best. It is always a classic. I haven't seen the khaki IRL.
  3. becuase i have so many black bags already and i think it's easier to find a black chanel that i like than a colored one, i say khaki
  4. Metallic Black
  5. if the khaki looks like the khaki cabas, i pick khaki
  6. I have Khaki, and I love mine. But, if you don't have a black chanel, I would get a metalic black for sure. I don't care for Matte Black.
  7. I voted dark silver, someone here has one and its gorge!!
  8. I think it is the same color as cabas... i could be wrong though... here is the picture...

  9. yes, it's the exact same khaki color and leather as the khaki cabas
  10. i have khaki and prefer khaki. and it's the same as baby cabas.
  11. I have and love the metallic black. It is really gorgeous in that combo with the silver chain. I also love that it can go from day to evening, like a little black bag.
  12. If i'm not mistaken, the khaki was fall/winter and the one pictured is Bronze. The bronze is with copper hardware and came out the same time with the the dark silver. I have the bronze flap and love it.
  13. Metallic black!
  14. I had both and loved them both!!!! The khaki is such a gorgeous color, and the only reason I sold my khaki was because I have the khaki cabas. You can't go wrong with either one, so I'd get whichever color you can find.
  15. black!