Should I get the Limelight Clutch?

  1. Need some advice. I like it very much and I collect LVs. Should I get it as it is available at my store in both colours. Aargh. I have overspent this year but.....I keep thinking abt it.
  2. I say yes .. I have wanted the limelight clutch for ages .. its never availiable on lv uk .. and I kinda hard up at the mo .. but I say go for it
  3. It is very hard to get and if you have had your eye on it I would get it. It is a beautiful bag. I like the idea of a clutch that is formal enough for evening wear, but can be worn in the day as well. It is one hot bag!
  4. I LOVE the limelight clutch and of course, right now I can't afford to get one. So, I say if you can afford it and it won't compromise anything else for you, then go for it. But, if you are in a bind like I am, then wait it out--there will ALWAYS be bags we want! Good luck with your decision.
  5. i quite like the Limelight in copper. but it'd be a shame if it doesn't get used - this or any other LV bag for that matter. get it only if you'll use it.
  6. oh wait, what is it? seaching now...
  7. get it in copper!
  8. I consulted the magic 8 ball, and it said "Yes!" Go for it! What a lovely bag! ;)
  9. It's so feminine and classy, got for it. I love that clutch.
  10. It will be really hard to find later on.... so now is your chance!
  11. Get it!!! I've seen it today and it's so pretty.
  12. The limelight clutch is too gorgeous to pass up! GO FOR IT!
  13. "She'll do anything for the limelight..."

    From Kayne's song, so I day YES!

    The clutch is fabulous!
  14. If you can get one and you really like it and you think you'll get use from it then I say get it.
  15. yes!