should i get the ink or grey hobo bag?


which hobo/day bag color should i get?

  1. ink

  2. grey

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  1. let's take a vote & lemme know what you girls think :rolleyes:
  2. I LOVE my Ink Medium Motorcycle, but have the Grey in the's great for travel...well, small trips! Anyway, I cannot get enough of the Ink is my favorite compared to any others...even the older colors...but that's just my little opinion:smile:

  3. I vote for ink! :smile:
  4. Ink gets my vote!
  5. wow, thanks gals, looks like ink is in the lead :smile:
  6. I vote ink
  7. oooh this is a hard one! I'd say ink too but really starting to love grey!
  8. welp, i just got back from the balenciaga store...and ended up trying on both colors & walking out with the grey :love: ...the ink is such a gorgeous color, but in this size bag, it made me look small :sad: ...the grey just sort of blended into my frame & looked more natural :smile:

  9. can you please post pics...I would like to see.....thanks
  10. Oooh, congratulations! Pictures! :biggrin:
  11. grey .... oops .. didn't finish reading the thread before I voted. I'm glad you decided on the grey.
  12. yep, i'll try & post pictures of both my 2 babies tonight :yes:
  13. 0ops, me too! I voted before i read the thread! hehehe!
    congrats on your new b-bag! after seeing someone else grey hobo - i thought, "hmmm, thats a great colour too" congrats! cant wait to see the pics!
  14. My vote was ink. But congrats on your new bbag!
  15. I voted Ink (i know, big surprise there) but grey is also Gorgeous! Congratulations on your new b-bag, wear it in good health!