Should I get the Half Moon WOC?

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  1. #1 Feb 2, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2010
    hey gals,

    should i get the Black Half Moon WOC? i reallly like it after seeing it in TPF. for those that have it, do you recommend it? what are the pros and cons? thanks!

    is it expandable? because i know the regular WOC is structured and cannot put much in it.
  2. I really like WOCs. My only gripe with it is it's size, it literally a wallet on a chain. If that's what you need for daily needs than I say go for it as they really are stunners.
  3. Yes!! I wish I had one - I almost did with a second chance offer on ebay but the first buyer eventually paid up... :cry:
  4. I love WOC's! I find them very versatile!:heart:
  5. So, what exactly will fit in it? I love the half moon too, but I'm afraid that it wouldn't even fit my day-to-day stuff. I would need to carry a small wallet (it only holds cards like ID, credit cards, etc., I believe that it may actually be a man's wallet), a pair of sunglasses, an I phone, and maybe a set of keys.
  6. I don't carry a wallet in my half moon WOC since it already has slots for cards and a zipped compartment for money. It holds my phone, camera, lipstick, keys, and compact comfortably.

    I would recommend getting it.

  7. wow a camera too? i have a business/CC holder leather case from im guessing it should fit it too
  8. Wow! That's more than I thought and I didn't know that it had slots for cards. Now I want one! How much, what colors, and where can I get one???? Is the hardware (chain) silver or gold?
  9. I love the way the white one looks, so pretty.
  10. Yes, get one! These are so versatile and they fit more than the rigid caviar WOC's!
  11. It's a slim Canon camera, but yes it does fit. The half moon woc is surprisingly roomy.
  12. The WOC has 6 card slots.

    It comes in black, white, and burgundy with S/H. I don't know if there are any other colours. I've seen the woc at Bloomingdales, Bergdorf, and Neimans. Not sure about other locations.
  13. Besides more black, NM is going to also carry the half moon in Navy for Spring/Summer Act 2. Call Alyce at Tysons Galleria, VA.
  14. Price?
  15. I think I paid $1175 before taxes.

    Can't wait to see the navy!