Should I get the GHD straightener?

  1. I can't make up my mind..! :hysteric:

    Ok, a little background on me. I used to have long permanently straightened black hair for years, loved it but thought I'd have a change so last year I had it colored and permed. I love the perm as well, though I think straight hair is easier to manage coz I don't need to style it, simply comb through after shower and let it dry.

    Recently I re-permed my hair and the perm didn't turn out great as last time. :sad: I wanted so badly to get rid of the perm, didn't know if I should go to another salon to re-perm or permanently straighten it. Then I saw all the rave about the GHD straightener and it can both straighten AND curl..! :tup: So maybe I can get this instead and can straighten and curl whenever I like? But the cons are, yes, it's SO expensive! And, I am quite a lazy person, :shame: can't imagine having to curl/straighten my hair strand by strand EVERY single time after shower, it would be such a hassle! I never even bother to blowdry my hair. :p Also what if I can't get it right? I can never seem to be able to use the regular curler/straightener by myself for my hair at the back. So I'm afraid that I'll be too lazy to use it and that would be such a waste.

    So do you think I should get it? Any advice or opinions are very much appreciated. I need to decide soon while I'm still in US coz GHD is not available at my home country.

    Also, anyone know when is the next Sephora sale? Or anywhere else I can get a better deal on the GHD straightener?

    Thanks in advance! :flowers:
  2. sephora sale won't be till november. sorry!

    ghd is good, but i like chi as well. (cheaper)
  3. i have naturally curly hair and i've used the chi before and just recently bought the GHD. I've noticed a big difference. the GHD makes my hair smooth, soft, and looking healthy. I hated the chi, it made my hair very dry. I havent tried curling my hair with the GHD yet cause i really suck at that kind of stuff but i'll watch the DVD and attempt it one day. :tup:
  4. I love the GHD! I've actually started using mine everyday. I usually just use it to touch up my hair in the morning (straighten). Sometimes I curl if I'm meeting friends. It's so useful and definitely worth the price since I get so much use out of it.
  5. I have a perm leftover in my hair also. I shower, let my hair air dry, comb out my hair, then I use the GHD. I also got a perm for the same reasons as you did. I hate doing my hair, have no time or patience for it. But the GHD is SOO easy. Takes less than 1 min to heat up. Gives my thin Asian hair lots of volume. And with one swipe down each chunk of hair, I can straighten the perm and curl the ends under as curly as I want. Or waves. Or spirals. Nobody believes that my hair is half-permed and looks like a Christmas tree naturally.

    Before the GHD (1 month ago) I NEVER did my hair. Just put it up in a clip or ponytail, so that the half-perm wouldn't show up.

    Takes me about 10 min to do my entire head of hair. You'll love it. It really does leave your hair shiny, too.
  6. I had and CHI also and my boyfriend just recently bought me a GHD. I highly recommend the GHD! I love how it makes my hair feel and you can curl your hair in so many different ways.
  7. I have heard raves bout the GHD so I'm assuming it's a good iron. I have a CHI and love it as well (they have sales at ULTA all the time for them). It's a lot cheaper, about a 100 dollar difference on sale, so do what you feel is right!
  8. Had a CHI for several years, and just got the GHD a few months ago. I would definitely recommend the GHD any day over the CHI, because of the difference I noticed between both irons. The GHD leaves my hair feeling so much smoother and silkier, and it's so much faster to iron my hair with the GHD in comparison to the CHI.
  9. I had a Chi before and that made my hair really dry and it started breaking off. I bought a GHD and was on the fence about spending so much. I kept it for about a month when I saw a sale on for sedu and solia straighteners. I think the sale is still going on. So I bought a Sedu hair straightener for 70 dollars just to try it out and I actually like it better than the GHD. When I was deciding which was better of the two, only thing I could bring up was how nice the packaging for the GHD was and the dvd. I think GHD has better reviews on the purse forum but if you do another search on the internet you'll see that Sedu has alot of good reviews too. GHD heats up in 5 sec and Sedu heats up in 30 sec. I don't mind waiting the extra 25 sec. Both straighteners gave me the same results.

    Long story short. I returned the GHD this past weekend and have been using my Sedu. If you feel guilty about spending that much on a GHD like me, try the Sedu. It's still on sale and you get a free protective heat mat so you can put your straightener on there instead of the counter while you're using it and I got a free make up tote.
  10. I tried Remington ceramic pro and Babyliss pro before GHD, and both give me dry hair. GHD is completely the opposite, my hair is always silky smooth afterwards, not to mention the shine.
    My previous flat irons take a long time to do, and so I got fed up on using it too often coz they just take too much time and hassle. With GHD, the time it cut in half, and I don't find it a hassle to use the iron everyday coz it's so damn easy to use.
    GHD is worth every penny I have spent.
  11. I just started using my GHD and LOVE it!. I love the way it leave my hair silky and smooth.
  12. Thank you so much for all the feedbacks..! With so many great reviews on it, I'll definitely get the GHD if I'm used to styling my hair everyday using a straightener. But.., I'm just not sure if I can cope with the hassle. :p

    Anyway, I thought of dropping by Sephora and check it out first. Will they actually do a demo for you or let you try it out? I really wanna see the results before purchasing. Also, anywhere else sells GHD besides Sephora?
  13. Aww.., I just missed the last one! :push: No sale even for Xmas or after Xmas? :p
  14. Hey, thanks for the info. This is really helpful. :tup: Would really love to hear opinion on using GHD from someone who had never styled their hair before.

    Just wondering, when do you apply your hair styling products? Usually when I style my permed hair, I apply it on my damp hair, then scrunch my hair and leave it to air dry. Don't think I can apply hair mousse when my hair is already dried, then only curl it with GHD right? But if you don't apply any styling products, will the curl stays on till the next wash?
  15. Glad to know that. Is it easy even for curling?