Should I get the flap clutch? Do you use your clutch often?

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  1. I saw pics on KarenAB's post of the flap clutch (I think that's what it's called) and would love to have this in violet GH.

    However, I'm worried that I will never use it. I think of clutches as mini purses to use at special dressy events. For those of you who have Balenciaga clutches, or use the makeup as a clutch, do you get much use out of them? and when do you use your clutches? Also does anyone know if this clutch is available in the violet GH combo?


  2. This flap clutch would look great in black with silver GH. I use my clutches ALOT. I use my cities throughout the day, and my clutches at night almost every night.
  3. I keep my clutches in my bag! Believe me you'll find a use for them!!!!!!!!:roflmfao:
  4. I'm lusting after a black clutch with GSH :heart: . It would look fab in a black work with GSH :yes:
  5. What does it look like on the inside? Is it just a big opening or is there an inside zip, etc???
  6. BalNY order it in Grape with Gold GH. Get on the list soon because I believe there is a limited amount of accessories.
  7. I use mine inside of my Work to organize it, and take my Oval out for lunch. It's my lunch/running errands/on the go bag!
  8. Thanks for the info Cracker! I will def call Kim tomorrow get on the list.
  9. Yes, i love clutches and dat's why i own a RH flat clutch and waitin for my oval clutch....i believe i will use it very often esp for wkends if i'm too lazy to carry big bags....also, i can put it in my bigger bag and take it out as a clutch for lunch or even run's really useful...i believe u will use it very often.....:smile:
  10. I am SO lusting after one of these now! Uh oh...:graucho:

    Retail is $795, oui?
  11. I too think I will put my name on the list for the flap clutch, I think black with SGH would be so rock n'roll, kind of sassy. The violet with Gold GH sounds scrumptious!