Should I get the double????

  1. I have the chance to get the double in anthracite/silver, the SA has promised me the last one from the next shipment. Does anyone have this? I don't own any YSL now, but never really wanted any other YSL bags, such as the Muse. I currently have Chanel, Gucci, Tod's, Mulberry & Kooba.

    Any opinions appreciated!
  2. Hi neighbor: Well, if you're looking for a shoulder bag, it is cute. The only downside that someone mentioned was the possibility that when you wear the metallic side facing in, the finish could be scratched by the things in your bag. I have no idea if this is true, however, and I haven't seen the bag for myself IRL to judge how sturdy the metallic finish is.

    In addition to whatever new advice you get, you should also check out this thread from a while back...It has lots of opinions and pics!

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks, that was super helpful...I think that I'm going to go for it!:yahoo:
    One thing about living here is that I can't see things for my self and I rely on others' sightings to help me out!
  4. I'm not sure where you live in Maryland, but there are a couple of YSL boutiques in the D.C. area, including at the Watergate and in Chevy Chase. Plus, I think that the Neiman's at Tysons Galleria in Virginia also sells YSL.
  5. I think you should get the double. It is 2 bags in one. I want one, but most of them are sold out. I think the anthracite/black is nice. Lindsay has that one. Uma has the chocolate/gold or bronze. Which size are you going to get?
  6. The SA says that now it is one size only. I am really hoping that it is not super huge:s , I would have gotten the smaller one if I did have a choice! Hopefully I will find out soon!
  7. I think the double is such a hot bag right now and I would go for it if I got the chance to buy one!! 2-bags-in-1!