Should I get the Dooney med pocket satchel in royal blue or natural...

  1. 1. second the blue. I think they are phasing that color out.

    2. isnt that bag gonna be a QVC TSV next month? I think I read that somewhere.
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    Don't know, but the blue is on sale for about $80 off on now. Thanks to both of you for your help. I ordered the blue. :smile:
  3. What did you end up buying? I would have chosen the natural.
  4. Great let us know how you like it when it arrives!
  5. This thread is from a long time ago. I got the blue but it arrived with a stain right on the front and I returned it. I then thought about buying in person so I could see what I was purchasing but ... eventually decided to wait & see what they come out with for spring! :biggrin:
  6. Oh I didn't realize it was an old thread, thanks for responding, sorry to hear about the stain too.