Should I get the denim cabas??????????

  1. I am wondering if I should get the denim cabas in large? It seems like a big bag but I really like the look of it. I would probably like it better if it came in the baby cabas size. I am undecided if I should get the denim or save up for the leather babas cabas? Which is better? I don't know. I work from home and have two kids so things are pretty casual and I live in a hic town, I mean it is as backwards in fashion as one could find :wtf: ....So I just want to get a bag I will enjoy using and really wanted a denim bag for quite a long time. I was also thinking of the LV denim bags but already have their small green denim pleaty so I am not sure I would want another denim bag from LV. I am just so undecided. I like light bags and think the denim is lighter than the leather baby cabas. So for those who have this bag how are you liking it????
  2. Get the leather. Leather bags always look more timeless to me, have a richer-luxurious feel and I just prefer it in general.
  3. I love the denim cabas. I am on the fence as well. Though, it may be a good travel bag also. I have the caviar cabas and its an easy bag to carry, its big, but comfy.
  4. hi!
    from your post, i get an impression tha u wanted the denim a lot, but maybe u just felt that with a little add more u can get something in leather that maybe was not the first thing u really wanted.
    but i'm not sure to, it's you who knows what u really want for now.

    i don't have a denim cabas, but i have the baby cabas, and it's not heavy... it's actually a very comfortable bag.
  5. I say YES!!:yes: Got it if you already wanted a denim bag to match your casual outfits and still be very classy...this one is perfect...I HAVE ONE MYSELF and i'm totally in love:heart: :heart:
  6. I really LOVE the denim cabas I am just concerned if it is too BIG???????????????
    I want it as a every day bag. I was never in to leather bags that much but I do love my Chanel pink cabon tote. I did buy a Mulberry phoebe bag and it is too heavy to carry so I wore it maybe 3 times and it just sits in my closet. I think the leather baby cabas is really cute but the denim catches my eye....
    If you have this bag how do you feel about the size? I was trying to get away from big bags, sold 2 of m just like new LV because I never wore them but they were hand held bags and I love shoulder bags so I think a big shoulder bag will work for me. I am 5'11" so I can wear big bags.
  7. Seriously, I wouldnt invest my money into buying a denim bag. I dont see why a denim bag had to charge over $1K. If I had to spend somthing over $1K I rather buy the leather. This is my opinion! But, if you realli like the denim bag you should get it!!
  8. I had a vinyl cabas bag that I sold because it was too big - not in the sense that it looked funny - but because I HATED digging around in it looking for things. I passed on the denim for the same reason. If you can find a baby cabas bag, I'd get that - its big enough and not so deep so stuff does not get lost. Plus, if you live in a hick town (I grew up in one), the big gold stitched CC's on the side of the bag may be too much....for the town to handle. :smile:
  9. ^DITTO what Cougess said!LOL!
    The denim was WAY too big for me..I adore the baby cabas size..its perfect
  10. I was going to get the denim but changed my mind about spending $1295 for a piece of denim, so now I am spending the extra $ for the baby cabas in leather.
  11. It's a hard decision, but I would go for the one your truely want.
  12. I'm on the same boat....

    Denim seems really cute and casual and tdf in summer, but i'm afraid that it's not a keeper

    Leather baby is a bit more ex. but a timeless piece and good for all season long

  13. i think the denim cabas is a nice casual bag for the summer.....when i think of summer totes, i think big oversized and casual, which the denim cabas is both.
  14. ^just wanted to add that if you can get it, i would go for it and then save up for the leather too. i'm still on the waistlist for my denim.
  15. do u consider an original cabas? it's as big as the denim adn i believe the price is teh same with the baby.
    but it's harder to find now than the baby at the chanel stores :sad:
    but i remind you, when u fill things, the gravitation will put downwards and the chain strap can hurt you, not like the baby.