Should I get the Cloudy Bundle Tote

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  1. Need some expert's advise. I have placed myself on the waitlist for large black Modern Chain. Meanwhile the Clody Bundle Tote Bag (the larger one) is here already. I really like it, but its $3850. Have anyone seen or alreay own the MC? If yes, can share photos. Shd I take the risk and just wait for the MC?
  2. I already have the cloudy bundle and I love it to pieces!!!! Are you writing from the U.S.? Got mine in Singapore and paid less than that.
  3. The modern chain is beautiful. Some store already have received this, though I haven't seen it in black yet(just grey):yes: . For $2225.00, it's much less than the cloudy bundle and gorgeous! I don't think you'll be disappointed by waitingaslong as you're high on the list for it!
  4. The problem is that I don't know if I'm high on the waitlist, any recommendations on where else can I go to put myself on the waitlist? I can't believe this forum is actually helping each other to get their fav bags.
  5. All the stores have a list,some are pretty long, especially for the black. I did go to Chanel in Orlando (407/352-5100) and their list wasn't really long. Also, you should try the Saks in Naples and speak with Elizabeth(239/592-5900 X-396), she is really good. I would call Elizabeth first and see how long their list is. Goodluck!:yes:
  6. oh we're TOTALLY enablers in here honey!:yes
    We find out one of our own wants a bag. . . we'll find it! LMBO!
  7. OMG I didn't realize the cloudy bundle was that $$$. It's so beautiful though. Either one would be perfect :P
  8. Enablers! Perfect description!:upsidedown:
  9. If you love the Cloudy get it first....
    You might not like the modern chain as much and who knows when it comes...maybe you can still get MC when it arrives

    Get what you love first
  10. I saw the cloudy two days ago and did not really care for it . Not the tote anyhow .

    Keep it and wait , if you like the other just exchange it . Don't clip the tag off !
  11. My SA just called and say that Large MC in Black is available. She mentioned that the price is $2025, but I thought the retal price is $2225. Anyone have any idea about the price of the large MC?
  12. I would go for the cloudy bundle, if you can afford it. I can't right now, but I think it is absolutely fabulous!:yes: :yes:
    It also depends on the look you are going for. I think the cloudy bundle is hip, yet classy. The Modern chain is more look at me, due to the large logo, but cute & trendy and very popular as well.
  13. I have a cloudy bundle in white... its the large one and it was only around 2300.... what bag is 3850??? Are you sure you aren't mistaken??
  14. ^ That was my thought as well...a CB bag over $3K?????
  15. i thk i'm going to call my sa n check with her the price of cb tote again. Thks all for the info. But my mind is on the mc already...