Should I get the Classic OR ?????

  1. I need some input here PLEASE..:nuts:
    I HAVE:

    2 reissues
    Grey with Silver
    Black with Gold

    Caviar Black with Gold

    Petit Shopper
    Caviar Beige with Gold

    I was shopping yesterday and came across the large 2.55 Black Caviar with SILVER (the one that goes for 1695.00)

    WELL I LOVE IT:heart: :heart:
    I had jeans on with a white tee and it Looked great.. even with me dressed casual like that...
    Here's where I need some input from you LOVELY ladies

    Since I have the bags above is it a Waste of money to spend on the Black classic???? KWIM

    I'm so confused:nuts: ....Next week Saks in having there gift card thing...(I would get back about 150 or 200 if I buy the bag :wlae: ) So I need to make up my mind....
    OR should I just go for another style....( In chanel of course:graucho: )
    Thanks for your help....
  2. I have the reissues black with gold AND black with silver, love them both and use them regularly. The black with silver is extremely versatile, especially in the Fall/Winter. I use it when I do not want the 'formality' of the gold and do not want to lug a big bag around (which is quite often). If you LOVED it, I say get it!
  3. Thanks Rose....I am thinking the same thing about the Silver hardware ....I feel that I can only use my black w/gold reissue at nite...I feel it is to dressy for daytime...I think the black w/Silver for daytime would look good..I think I will do it....I use the Grandshopper daytime even thou is has gold hardware ....but for some reason I feel that TOTE STYLE works during daytime MORE then the 2.55...
    Thanks :heart:
  4. Yes, black with gold works during the day with some bags (I use my black Kelly with gold during the day) but the reissue black and gold is such a stunner that it really can't be 'dressed down'!
  5. I would prefer a different color personally, given your current collection.
    I'd add a red or something for me.
  6. Sounds like you're referring to a jumbo. I have a black jumbo with silver hardware, as well as a black reissue with gold hardware. I dont think they are too similar and I would never give either of em up (though I admit I especially LOVE my caviar jumbo). Im carrying my ivory one today. For some reason Im not a fan of the grand shopper.
  7. Rose ...YES ....YOU ARE SO RIGHT about the black w/gold Reissue....There is NO WAY to dress that bag down...:drool:

    I KNOW:confused1: Thats what I was thinking also...:yes:

    I need COLOR in my collection...but to be honest when I'm spending this much on a bag I feel SAFE sticking with the BASIC colors...

    To be honest I want one of each color:lol:

    I need to sell some stuff on ebay maybe... So I can get more then 1 bag;)
  8. I LOVE MY first I thought I would not but it fits SO much ..I was going to buy the cambon tote put after seeing it in person it looked cheap and for the difference in $$ I went with grandshopper and I feel it will be more of a classic then the other tote...

    OK SO IT IS THE JUMBO??? I was not sure....I know the price was 1695.00.....( I had a Ivory one for 1 day and sold it to some girl;) ;) ...I wish I still had it and never sold it ;) )
  9. Wow, I was hoping for pictures of all your bags...

    I like the idea of something red, but everytime I buy something red I end up selling it, and I can't really figure out why.
  10. Ambien is my homeboy :roflmfao: That is TOO funny

    I do the same with red...LOVE IT.. BUT I will not use it as much as I would a Black white etc color bags
  11. I was looking at the same bag today. I like the idea of having a bag with the silver hardware. So cute.
  12. I love the Classic black caviar flap with silver hardware! Go for it!! It is perfection.

  13. i agree with Swanky. red is so in now too.