Should I get the classic caviar or 2.55?

  1. As I am new to Chanel, I am debating myself which flap I should get, here are two bags I can't decide:


    I love them both, but only be able to afford one. which one do you all suggest that it's more classic? Can I still find them in the store? Should I buy from eBay or just get it from store?
  2. I much prefer the first one. For one thing, I really have to have that "C" logo on my bag to make me feel like it's worth the $$. ;) Secondly, I want to be able to use the bag more often than just going out at the size of the first one seems much more practical.
  3. I would get the classic flap (first picture) as a first Chanel rather than a Reissue (second picture). Personally, a first purchase from the boutique makes it extra special :yes:
  4. Both of these are so classic. I got the classic flap (like in pic #1) as my first Chanel but I'm hoping for a reissue (like in pic #2) for my 2nd Chanel =)
  5. I was at NM today and asking about which Channel should by my 1st purchase. The SA recommended the classic medium caviar. I would go with the 1st bag. I personally would only purchase a high end bag through one of the retailers (NM, Saks, Nordie's, Bloomie's)-- simply because when I am paying that much money for a handbag, I want to be happy and able to return incase it does not work out. I'm also very picky when spending that kind of money, so I want to be able to examine the bag. Good luck to you.
  6. Hi and welcome to Chanel!! ;) Of the two bags pictured, I prefer the Jumbo caviar classic flap. The second bag is not a reissue... it's the "hybrid" flap, and has the traditional chains with the leather interwoven throughout, and the MM (mademoiselle/reissue) lock rather than the traditional cc closure found on the timeless classic flaps (like the first flap). :smile: Also, there is a significant size difference between the first bag and the second bag (the second is approximately 10"x6"x2"), so they may or may not serve the same purpose for you. :yes:

    If you want an everyday flap that can fit a good amount, I'd suggest the black Jumbo caviar flap - I have and LOVE that flap!! :love: The retail on that bag is $2650, and you can find it at any dept. store or Chanel boutique. You're not really saving much if you go the eBay route (maybe 10 bucks), so I think you might be better off buying it directly from the boutique or a dept. store... and that way, you have the liberty of returning/exchanging should you want to. :heart:

    The second bag is seasonal and not part of the timeless ligne, but I know Saks carried this bag, boutiques, and I believe NM did as well (I have a "hybrid" soft caviar white flap I purchased from Saks, only the chains do not have the leather interwoven throughout... still a "hybrid" though). :smile:

    In either case, I think the boutique/dept. store is a much better idea, because you can try the bags on and see them in person! :smile: Plus, you aren't saving a significant amount of money with either eBay purchase. Good luck, and post pics of whatever flap you decide on! :flowers:

  7. I have to second fiery on purchasing an expensive bag from either the boutique or department store esp. if this is going to be your first bag. What if it turns out you're not really a Chanel girl? Just because it is hype to have a Chanel bag does not mean that it will go with you!

    I usully buy expensive Chanel bags from the boutiques and will really go to ebay (and only certain sellers) for bags that my local boutique does not carry.
  8. Thank you all for your suggestion. I love this forum.
  9. I vote for the Jumbo caviar classic flap, but let us know what you decide :smile:
  10. I vote for the Jumbo caviar classic flap, but let us know what you decide :smile:
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