should i get the chanel agenda?

  1. hey hey im new to the forum.. and i just wanted to ask your opinions on the chanel cambon black and white agenda. im from melbourne and called up my local chanel just then and found out they were $605.
    the louis vuitton ones are only around $450ish but there seems to be so many around these days and chanel just seems like the better option to go towards.
    does anyone have one? and if you do what size is yours?

    and is it really worth it? :sad: i have no idea if i should get one or not.. ive been in search of an agenda for so long and was so tempted to go an lv but decided against it as theres just way too many around. i never even knew that chanel made agendas and no search online has ever lead me to one until now.. im going to qld in 2 weeks so i should really save my money BUT i have a "i want it and i want it now attitude" the right thing to do is wait until i come back from qld and buy it then... but i cant waittttt :push:
    what do u guys think i should do?
  2. anyone? =[
  3. Maybe you shd look up in the Chanel Library under Chanel accessories thread. I remember seeing someone post details of the agenda.
  4. yup, i recall pix of a pink one somewhere in chanel forum.
  5. I have the cambon black wallet with the the white cc's.It is not the agenda but it is big like the agenda it is 9x6. I use it everday I love it .It fits alot of stuff and it matches all my handbags.So if I were you I would get it.You only live once that is my theory.
  6. If I did not already have an agenda, I would probably buy it.
  7. I would buy chanel if I already didn't have one.