Should I get the cerise or the denim?

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  1. OK, I've been searching for the cerises speedy like forever, and I found one but it comes with a 1545.00 price tag, but then there's the denim neo speed that I am also very in love with at regular price of course, can anyone help me decide pleassssssse?
  2. Definitly Cerise!
  3. cerises! good luck with whatever you buy!
  4. Heh, I would say go for the Cerises Speedy ... but it might be a bias opinion because I just bought one because I fell head over heels. LOL

    Also, the cerise is a discountinued line and will be harder to get in the future as oppose to the denim. In case you ever change your mind -you could always get the denim later.

    However, they are in some sense two very different bags. One is made of canvas and the other of denim fabric. So, it's entirely up to you. The best choice is to get BOTH, but at different times. =)
  5. cerise
  6. Cerise now, Denim later. You will always be able to pick up the denim (for the next forseeable future), but soon Cerise markup will be even more.
  7. Cerises, I see alot of denim neos lately they don't look all that great IMO.
  8. Cerise!
  9. C-E-R-I-S-E!!!!:love:
  10. How can you say no to those darling cherry faces? Buy Cerises!!!!
  11. cerises!! soooo cute...and i like the design/shape of the bag better.
  12. without a doubt it has to be the cerises
  13. totally the cerises! :smile:
  14. You guys are sooooo sweet! I don't know what I was thinking, I purchased the cerises speedy, I should get it in a day or two.
  15. I know I am too late with my vote, but I am glad you got the Cerises! Besides the fact that it's a collector's item now, I think you will use it more. I think Cerises speedy goes with pretty much everything!!!