Should I get the Black/Basketweave MAB or should I wait?

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Get the Black/Basketweave or wait for new fall colors?

  1. Take the plunge and just buy the darn bag!

  2. NO! Save your dollars for the new fall bags!

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  1. So I've been desiring the Black/Basketweave MAB. But I've been thinking - this isn't exactly the most summer-appropriate bag, and a slew of new bags are coming out in June, so maybe I should wait? But on the other hand, the Black/Basketweave is pretty limited and I can always sell it later if I don't love love love it (although I'd probably lose money on the deal).

    What do you girls think? Should I take the plunge and risk it, or should I hold off for a few months and see the new fall colors?
  2. I guess it depends on if you are a person who keeps bags for a long time, or wear one for a while and move on...I personally don't care what time of the year it is to buy bags, as long as the bag fulfills a role in my wardrobe...I've had a white bag I bought 6 months ago, that I am waiting to use. Although I do feel that bag is gonna be gone and hard to find soon, so maybe ask yourself, if you dont get it, and you don't like any of the new bags coming up, would you kick yourself or look forward to something else?

    Good luck and let us know what you decide! :smile:
  3. The black/basketweave is really hard to find..some members have waited for it for a long time. When it is sold out, you might have regret.
    But if you do not really like this black/basketweave bag ..i should not buy it.
  4. Buy it. There are so many RM bags that can no longer be found now ... I can't imagine being in that place where the RM bag I coulda had and didn't get was no longer available.
  5. yes, i am definitely the latter type of person. I've only been into handbags for a year or so, but in the past year I've sold, like, 8 or 9 of the 20 or so handbags I've bought.

    I do like the basketweave, and it's just very stressful because usually I let a bag roll around in my head for a few weeks, and then if I still want it, I go for it. But I feel that I have to make such a short decision here! Plus, it's final sale. But I am trying to reassure myself that if I used it a few times and then did sell it, I would probably recoup at least 75% of what I paid for it, which isn't awful, right?

    Come on guys I need more enabling! Help me out!
  6. The basketweave is a classic bag! If you are worried about the black not being so summery, than wait for the red basketweave!

    The basketweave style regardless is a classic, and TRUST if you buy it and decide you want to let go of it, there will always be one of us to take it off your hands!

    I went for the night/gold crackle as my black RM bag, and will be getting the red as my basketweave ;)
  7. you all would not believe this, but in the past 3 hours, the three remaining basketweave MAB have SOLD OUT on the funkylala site! GAHHHHH! So I called and they said there *may* be one left and they'll let me know tomorrow. I am dying on the inside - I can't believe I waited 6 hours to purchase a bag and now they are all sold out!
  8. the basketweave is a classic and defintely a keeper!
    i was lucky to get one a couple of months ago before they became so limited! and trust me~ you'll love it!
  9. Daniela- i heard FLL was getting a second batch that will be available on 6/15...

    I think IndiaInk posted it somewhere ;)
  10. ^yes, that is correct. They will be in on or before June 15. *EDIT: That is the MAM, not the MAB
  11. If you want the basketweave, I hope you will get one!!
  12. ooh and the red basketweave will be available sooner than the black... the red comes out on 4/25!!!

    I can't wait!
  13. The red basketweave does not interest me as much because i have a red bottega bag, so i feel that i have the red basketweave category covered. i hope i get a call from funkylala today telling me that the last black basketweave will be mine!
  14. That's great!! Be sure to post pics when you get your new bag so we can all drool over, I mean look at it.:P
  15. Sorry, I just re-read your post. I hope you get the call today too. I'm sending good bag karma your way:flowers: