Should I get the ariella ankle booties or rather....HELP!

  1. I did post this also in the general section of the sub but i need to make up my mind quickly and am really torn.
    As you know I have recently discovered CL's and just love them (got 5 pairs in the last couple weeks) but right now I need to choose between these three and I am not at all decided. I don't need any more boots booties so this is just a matter of wanting too add a new beauty...I woman can never have enough boot/booties am I wrong:upsidedown::shame:?

    CL ariella booties :
    Miu Miu ruffled boots:
    miu miu black booties:

    Please help I am really torn but need to make up my mind quickly!
    ARIELLATALON!LOU-2831_d.jpg 820_5007_007.jpg indexCA8F9BBL.jpg
  2. I like them in this order: ariella, black blooties and ruffled boots last.
  3. I think the ruffled boots would be the easiest to walk in, and would last longer because they have the wood platform sole, meaning the toes won't get scuffed up.