should i get something just to get it?

  1. i have 2 speedies and i really want something before the price increase, and i was thinkin of the speedy 25 on damier.. (i have 2 30's in azur and mini lin) so the question is should i get it? or save up for something better like maybe a balenciaga or something more special??
  2. i think you should get it. i heard the price increase is going to be harsh!
    (when will it be?)
    but i think you should get a mono instead..
  3. Think you save for something more special.
  4. Get it!!!
  5. Whatever makes you happy....if you would rather have a Balenciaga, go for that! :yes:
  6. I wouldn't "get something just to get it" as your thread title says. I'd think about whether you REALLY want it first..if you do, then you should get it. If there's any doubt about it, then don't get it.
  7. If you were planning on getting it in the future anyway, I'd say you should go for it- but if your only reason in getting it is the upcoming price increase and not your actual desire for the bag, then I'd pass.
  8. I think you should buy something you actually want not just for the sake of it.
  9. i agree. if you really want something, then definitely purchase before the next price increase...

  10. ITA
  11. may be get another style??!?!
  12. You should never get something just for the sake of getting it. It should always be something you love. So think about which bag you would miss more if you didn't have it, or which bag you would yearn for more if you saw someone pass you carrying it and go with that.
  13. ^^ I agree!
  14. harsh? really? how harsh?
  15. Save!