Should I get rid of my Whiskey Paddy?

  1. So here's the deal. I'm addicted to Hermes lately and it's not a good thing to be addicted too. Anyways, I asked the Balenciaga board if I should get rid of my Rouge twiggy and they all boohoo the idea, so now I've decided I can't part with the Rouge twiggy. Consensus from the other Bbag gals was that since I have so many Paddies to consolidate there. So here is my Chloe collection right now. Help me chose what to do. I'm willing to part with Taupe Paddy which is being listed now, but should I part with the Whiskey or no?

    taupefront.jpg whiskeyfront.jpg paddybrownweb.jpg

    triplets.jpg chloe.jpg
  2. I think you should sell the choco paddy. But that's probably because I love the whiskey :heart: I sold mine a while ago and I regret it sometimes :sad:

    But, Hermes is the cream of the crop :amuse: If you'd rather put the money toward Hermes, I won't try and stop you :P
  3. I don't think I can part with the choco Paddy. Every time I take it out to take pictures of it to list it on Ebay, I can't, so I put it away. The pics of the choco have all been from previous blogs and show-and-tell pics for PF members. So it's down to the Whiskey. I've taken pics to list the Whiskey but I don't know if I should list it or not. I remember when you sold your Whiskey Cristina. It was very sad.:cry:
  4. I know how you feel! If you're set on Hermes, why don't you wait until something that you really love from Hermes comes along, something that you absolutely have to have? That way, you can sell the paddy and know that the money is definitely going toward something you'll love.

    I was on eBay and NAP yesterday looking at paddys. I really miss mine :sad: But it went to a PF member who is taking good care of it! :biggrin: Maybe sometime in the near future I'll get another one :smile:

    Good luck with your decision!
  5. I prefer the chocolate paddy to the whiskey too so if I were you I would sell the whiskey. Good luck with the decision!
  6. Is it the color you love, or the texture of the leather? Which one has the best leather?
  7. Based on personal experience, Whiskey Paddys are a tough sell at the moment. I have had my brand new, tags still attached, receipt included Whiskey Paddy listed on eBay for over a month now, and I have yet to be able to sell it. I'm listing it at $100 below retail (not including the price that would be paid for tax) and I can't find a single taker. You might want to think about how much of a hit you are willing to take on the Paddy, and then decide from there if it is worth more for you to sell it or keep it.

    If you love the style of the Paddy (which it appears that you do; unfortunately that's my problem, LOVE the color, don't like the bag itself), I think that a Whiskey Paddy is a FAB bag to have in your collection. If it comes down to Chocolate vs. Whiskey, I prefer the Whiskey. I think it suits the bag better, and there are so many wonderful chocolate brown bags out there. Whiskey is more unique and you are less likely to find this gorgeous color on another bag. Good luck.
  8. If it came to me choosing between the choco. and the whiskey, I'd say let the whiskey go.
  9. Ditto to kimmie - I like choco much better.
  10. I agree whiskeys are a tough sell right now, especially since they still pop up on NM. It doesn't sound like selling chocolate is really an option, but if you ARE choosing I'd still try to sell whiskey - not for the $$ as much as for keeping chocolate. While I think whiskey is pretty, IMO I always felt it was a smidge too orange and that chocolate was the better classic. To each her own!!
  11. I don't think you should sell either one - you're already selling your Taupe - I would keep both the Choco and the Whiskey. As much as I understand your Hermes addiction, I think you'd regret selling certain ones of your Balenciaga's or your Chloe's - they serve different purposes and it's nice to have the choices. You might occasionally want to return to one of your previous loves, just to mix things up and both are so beautiful.
  12. I agree with style101...If that were my Whiskey, I would not be able to let it go! You will only have the Choco left, and Whiskey is a beautiful color to have in addition to a dark brown bag...
  13. I say yes but then again I am not a fan of the Paddy.
  14. And the decision is???
  15. I was on eBay and NAP yesterday looking at paddys. I really miss mine :sad: Maybe sometime in the near future I'll get another one :smile:

    I know exactly how you feel Christina...I gave my whiskey paddy to my daughter and really missed I nabbed another one. I haven't even used it yet I just like having it back. LOL:rolleyes: