Should I get rid of my Rouge Twiggy for my Hermes addiction?

  1. I'm really mixed right now. I have this thing for Hermes, but as you know, this thing is causing a major cramp in my wallet.

    Here's the story with the twiggy. it's the last Bbag that I have. I've gotten rid of the other Bbags already. It is in amazing condition and every time I take it out to take pictures to sell, I change my mind cuz it's so beautiful. But I haven't used it at all. It's been sitting in the box for who knows how long.

    My other options are to get rid of my whiskey paddy and/or choco paddy, ivory silverado, khaki kerala???? the taupe is already being listed. :wacko:

    twiggyrouge2.jpg chloe.jpg
  2. no, no, no, i LOVE the rouge color & the twiggy is my favorite definitely shouldn't part with that one :yes:
  3. :yes: I know someone :ninja: who's been whining about wanting to own that twiggy for about a month and a half on this board and I'm getting sick of hearing her...:amazed:
    It's me!

    I'm a YES, for sure....
    BUT, if you love it I'd hold on. It's so gorgeous!! PLus you have 3 paddy's!! Maybe sell two of those first and see how you feel?
  4. That Rouge is terrific! Since you have multiple paddingtons, I would opt to get rid of one of those. Hope this helps!
  5. You have such a wonderful collection - good luck picking one. I can't offer advise because I love them all!
  6. I agree. I think you'd regret selling the Rouge.
  7. i would say sell one or two of the other bags. I'm getting into Hermes too... but I'm gonna wait till 2009 so my initials are "M" in the bag hahhahaha. plus it gives me time to save up =D good luck! and i must see pics!
  8. What year is that Twiggy color from? Since you have multiple paddies, it does make sense to sell a that style first. What kinda prices are you looking for? I love the dark brown paddy and red twiggy too :o)
  9. i just picked up a rouge day hobo today & they told me it was from fall '05 :smile:
  10. forgot to tell you that one of the reasons I was thinking of letting the rouge go is because I have this red Chanel tote. here's a picture of my current collection. the ink and black City are gone and have been replaced by my Raisin Hermes Kelly. help me consolidate.

  11. :shame: I'm too biased to be asked for help, as 2 of my current 4 (I NEED NOW) bags are sitting in your possession. :lol:

    ps- your kelly is GORGEOUS
    (an aside: my mother named me Kelly because of the bag, not because she liked the name, my middle name is actually Winona)
  12. what's the other one?
  13. :love: The Spy
  14. :amuse:
  15. Keep the Twiggy!! Oh my gosh that color is delicious! I agree that it's close to the Chanel, but the Chanel has gold hardware. Oh and keep the pumpkin-y brown's beautiful! And I fully support your Hermes addiction...if I could I would too! lol Sell any of them but those two! ;)