should I get quilted woc in Lavender lambskin?


Oct 17, 2008
Hi there,

I'm thinking about getting classic quilted woc in 12C blue lavender but I hesitate to get it. This lavender is very lovely but I'm worry if it's high maintenance. Currently, I have only caviar leather in my collection (black jumbo SHW, beige clair medium GHW, 12p red jumbo SHW plus 227 black reissue GHW) because I want my bag to be last long and I don't want to baby them. However, I can't keep my mind out of this pretty lavender. :confused1: Please help me think. Should it get this lavender or get the black one instead. I plan to have only 1 woc in my collection.



Apr 14, 2009
If you don't plan to be using it 7 days a week, get the lavender! I have a few lambskin bags and the even more delicate chanel 3 lamb bag. I don't think lamb is as scary as some may think. If you have kids, definitely a no. But for someone who's conscious of taking care of their bags, I think it will hold up well. I definitely don't baby my lamb bags, but I do make sure not to thrash it around like I do with some other bags. :smile:


Dec 3, 2011
I have run into the same problem when I was deciding on my new mini. Lavender or black caviar. I have 2 kids. N I need a small bag that I can toss around for super market, travel or a zoo day. I am glad I chose black with caviar. Finally a bag that I don't need to baby! Lol
However! I am still thinking abt lavender! Haha