Should i get pink colour cambon flats? anyone seen any black?

  1. goodness
    i have rung so many stores
    i've had it. no one is willing to check other stores for the black ones for me cos they are too busy etc etc same situation in NM and Saks

    i've got a pink one in a 39 put on hold for me
    i like pink, but i would prefer black with white cos it's so much more functional.

    i have a pair of pink LV lomboks and i find that they clash with everything. also well maybe cos it's a loafer style so i don't have much that go with it anyway.

    i wear A LOT of black, lotsa denim, mmm starting to be more colourful nowadays by wearing green (not bright)...

    so yeah...i'm so tired of tracking down the black one store by store and i'm so happy to find one in my size in a 39 too.

    my question u think the pink looks really awkward sticking out like a sore thumb? i can see pink looking good on a lot of girls.

    2nd ques, anyone seen a black with white CC cambon flats in a 39 in their store that's on sale :sad: ??

    thanks i know i've been asking TOO MANY cambon related qs. just that if i get the flats i have to get a cheaper bag. me out pls :cry:
  2. i dont think the white/black went on sale. ONLY the khaki, white and pinks did. and your right the pinks clash with EVERYTHING imo.
  3. most of the stores told me that the black with white logo went on sale
    but they all sold on on the 1st day :cry:
  4. interesting.

    *calling my SA right now to see about this..OMG i love him haha
  5. I'm sure the flats will surface somewhere for you! I would kill to get a hold of the pink/black in a 39 :sad:
  6. how much are the flats going for!? i want a pair too!
  7. I'd wait for the black- it seems that they would suit you better. If anything, I'd get tan, but I hate that pink. haha too much about me- but if you aren't 100% sold on the pink then I wouldn't get them.
  8. thanks for the comments ppl!!
    i won't get the pink and black then....
    i thought about it..and figured i could get an extra pochette instead

    though i really would love to get my hands on a black flats :cry:
    most NM stores had my size but in the all white combo. white shoes = very dangerous
  9. You're going to give up the pink flats? Do you need someone to take them off your hands? ;)
  10. sure they had 2 pairs at Saks boca raton
    i spoke to bruce then anette then mayra
    all 3 were really rude to me so i don't know which one to recommend
  11. ----

    They were?! Oh gosh, that's terrible :huh: