Should I Get New Chloe Because It Has My Name?

  1. Hi Tracey,

    You might want to repost the the link. There are a lot of Tracy bags so I wasn't sure which one you were talking about?

    But to get to your question, no, I don't think you should buy a bag because it shares your name. You should buy a bag because you love the color, style, feel and look of the bag. You should buy it because you think of it day and night and go to bed with a magazine tear out of it taped to your head so you can have a visual reference of it for your dreams....:sleepy: lol. Not that I do that or anything...;)
  2. I know the feeling - before I knew anything about designer purses a few years ago. I wanted a Luella Gisele because "Gisele" is my middle name and then it came in a baby Gisele and I'm also the baby in my family. Went on to purchase a ton of Chloe's and LV's but never a Gisele. Go for it if you actually find a Tracy style you really like. I cannot say I'm all to crazy about the Luella Gisele - I think it was the name only.
  3. I think any reason to buy a new bag is a valid reason....:yes:
  4. :yes::roflmfao::yahoo::happydance::party:
  5. :yes: agree with chicbags