should i get neverfull mm or gm with insolite wallet or favorite mm?

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  1. i need help.. should i get neverfull mm or gm with insolite wallet or favorite mm? which print? mono or de? or just one bag artsy mm? help pls.. thank you..
  2. Hi, I moved your post to the LV forum ;)
  3. thank you.. im new to this forum im lost.. hehe im buying it tomorrow.. it's so hard to decide.
  4. for summer artsy in DA!! love mine! but it depends what you already own....
  5. My vote goes to Neverfull MM and insolite wallet in DE.
  6. Neverfull MM. Its very useful. GM is too big to use as an everyday bag IMO.
  7. Neverfull MM in mono plus insolite wallet in mono with coral inside. Good luck on deciding.. ;)
  8. Nevefull MM in DE and Insolite wallet in mono. I had the Artsy and sold it, it's beautiful but uncomfortable, heavy and somewhat bulky so if you are looking for an everyday bag I would not recommend the Artsy. The two items I picked I think are both beautiful as well as functional and versatile pieces. I realize that the NF is very common and some people are turned off by this fact but I love the NF and reach for mine almost every day over my less conmon and more expensive handbags. So, for an everyday bag nothing beats the NF. Let us know what you decide:0)
  9. I love the Favorite in DE, it's beautiful!!
  10. Neverfull MM DE, and Monogram Favorite MM
  11. +1
  12. +1 I have this wallet with the coral inside. It's soooo pretty!!
  13. thank you all! i will post it here when i get it..

    for the insolite i'm not sure if i should go with the regular wallet or organizer insolite.. and i saw the mc insolite in pink.. it's beautiful also.. i really like the design of the insolite..
  14. i have speedy b 35 in de and 30 azur
  15. Since you already have one DE and one azur bag I would go for the neverfull mm in mono. Soooo practical! I don't think you can go wrong with either the insolite or the favorite. The insolite organizer is rather large so make sure you check it out at the store.