Should I get my next LV bag in Vernis Pomme or...get the Tivoli PM ???

Which suggest which bag I should get next?

  • Vernis Pomme Brea PM

  • Vernis Pomme Rodeo Drive

  • Monogram Tivoli PM

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Apr 1, 2009
San Jose, CA
I will get another LV bag soon and want it to be Vernis in beautiful Pomme color. I look thru all Vernis collection and I think I like the Rodeo Drive or the Brea PM (I called a local LV and they have one in stock). I like a little nice dressy bag for going out in the evenings and I have seen both of them in person (have tried them on in store) BUT still undecided which one I like more. Would you tell me which one you like better please?
OR Should I get the Monogram Tivoli PM which has been on my wishlist?
Thanks in advance for all your advise!!!

Nordy's girl

My youngest!
Sep 23, 2008
Yikes, I voted for the wrong bag! LOL! I voted for the Rodeo drive thinking it was another bag.......I meant to vote for the Brea Pm in Pomme! It's a gorgeous bag and my understanding is that color won't be around for a lot longer (but then again who really knows!). I would get the brea first and save up and get the tivoli later (also a gorgeous bag). Good luck with your decision!


Luxury = Purses
Jul 15, 2009
If it's between the Rodeo Drive and Brea Vernis... The Brea in Pomme would be gorgeous! It's more versatile than the Rodeo Drive... hand carry or shoulder bag! Plus the Pomme color will really make a statement! :biggrin:


Nov 26, 2008
Beautiful Vancouver
Definitely get something in pomme before it's discontinued forever :sad: but, I'm going to have to go against majority and vote for the Rodeo Drive. I think the Brea is a funny shape and too casual because of the vachetta for an evening out. JMO :smile: