Should i get my hair permantly straigtened?

  1. Hey guys :smile:

    I was just thinking for a long time about this. I really like straight hair. odd eh? bhaha. My hair used to be fine/thin, straight and shiny. Now I have thick (too thick) frizzy poofy, wavy hair. I really like the straight sleek style and the only way i can achive that sometimes is with the straightner blasted to a high heat (and i already have dry parched hair) and it takes me about 2 hours with my crappy conair hair straightner. I was thinking about permantly straightning my hair, because it would be so much easier for me. My mother says I shouldnt do it, because i can do almost anything with my hair, and wear it whatever they way i want. I guess that is pretty cool, but I really love the straight shiny hair.

    Also, do you guys know of any places in Washington DC that does permanant straightning?

    Thanks :heart:
  2. I actually considered it because I have very thick, very long and wavy hair. Waves are pretty, but not mine, mine are inconsistent:sad:
    I decided to try the GHD iron that everyone here loves and a new Bespoke blow dryer and I've changed my mind.
    My hair is SOO much more manageable now. My hair is past my bra strap and I can blow dry it in 15 minutes or iron it in that same amount of time, I would've never believed it.
  3. Well.. I would definitely do it, but depending on the products they use. I hear there's some kind of japanese straightening system I can't remember the name of but it's supposed to be quite good.

    But, you should always consider what shape your hair's in right now, 'cause further processing might kill it. Maybe get an appointment and discuss it with the stylist first?

    I have lots of curly, fine hair which is really frizzy and if I knew my hair would look straight and sleek afterwards, I'd totally go for it. But that's just me!

  4. Are you serious? I think we have the same hair type..I must try these products.
  5. if your hair is not healthy enough...
    the permanent hair straightening could actually damage your hair more...
    It would be straight but would be dry and limp...
    my sister had one and my friend too...
    my friend looked nice at first but kinda looked too straight...
    with my sister it was not very good
    because her hair was already dry to begin with from the regular straightening she gets every 6 months.
    so the permanent one didn't work out the way she hoped it would.
    It was straight but did not look healthy.

    But with some that I've seen with healthy hair it did look amazing!
    hope it works great for you too.
  6. First of all, what happened to your hair? You said you used to have a fine/straight hair, and now it's thick/wavy?

    I've had my hair straightened a few times. The first time was when I was still in junior high. The system was still crappy at that time, with those plastic boards that were so heavy, 3 hours of those on your head. The last time I straightened my hair was around 6-8 months ago using the extenso smoothing system, less harsh on your hair, still makes it dry but not so like the old system.

    Now that I have my GHD, I won't consider a smoothing again, as the iron works wonder. My hair is like Swanky's description, long (past bra), naturally wavy, thick.
  7. I had my hair straightened a couple of times with various systems, last time they used the "Chi" system (which is supposed to be really gentle) and every time my hair got sooo damaged.
  8. ^^hair changes for most women as they age, get sick or have children.

    My hair at 20 yrs old is not the same type of hair I have now.
  9. i have no idea. it just BAM happened like that.
  10. I loved it the first time around, my hair is like most Asians, straight, but not super straight. It had natural waves, etc.
    It was sooo cool to wash-and-go. No blow dry or straightener.

    The 2nd time, it's a different story. My hair got sooo damaged.
    I was told that once you straightened your hair, it's permanent from where it was permed to the tips and if you do it a second time over where it was already permed, it will mess up your hair even more.

    Just like haircolor, you'll have roots. The new growth would be your natural hair, so it it's curly, you'll see it.

    My hair is waist-length, so it will take me a while to get my natural hair back.
    Every week, I have to use Ojon (weekly) to get the chemicals out and also a really good conditioner PLUS leave-in conditioner/mousse on a daily basis.

    So be aware!
  11. I have the weird funny wavy kind of hair.
    I've gotten the Japanese hair straightening before. When I had it, I really liked it but it made my hair look very very flat. The top of my hair just fell flat on my face, which I didn't like. The process didn't really damage my hair though.
    Maybe it depends on the formula, because I had body waves put into my hair now and the bottom keeps tangling. :sad: My hair is so damage now.
    So I guess you should make sure to get a good formula when straightening your hair.
  12. if your very low maintenance with your hair, I would do it. But if you can keep up with the upkeep (like touching up new growth and such)

    I say go for it. But talk to your hair stylist, someone professional or someone who really knows YOUR hair.
  13. I remember when I was in middle school I wanted to get it done so badly, I'm so glad I didn't. Many people I know who got perms lost a LOT of hair, and it was badly damaged. The other negative is that when your hair starts growing out it looks weird because the very top is curly/wavy.
  14. Before you do anything permanent, make sure you read up on it. In last month's ALLURE, there was an article about the new brazilian straightening--if uses FORMALDEHYDE (sp?)! Be careful!
  15. No! Spend the money on a nice high-quality hairdryer and straightening tool instead. In fact, you could spend the money on those things after an expensive haircut at a great salon. Why don't you go to your (or your mom's) salon and get a recommendation on what to buy and also ask for a haircut that works straight or wavy?