Should I get my G bag monogrammed or leave it alone?

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  1. Okay, so I am debating whether to get my St Louis monogrammed. I would do it in a heartbeat if I could be assured that the paint will last a long time but there's just no way of knowing that, I know. Can people share their stories about having monogrammed their bags? How has yours held up? Any chipping, peeling of the design? My SA told me she had one bag where the picture came off like nail polish and G wouldn't take any responsibility for it. Frightening when you think how much it costs to do stripes, initials, etc. But then I've heard from others that their bags have held the paint for years. Totally confused on what to do and hoping for some advice. Thanks, guys!
  2. I got my St.Louis tote monogrammed. I've had the bag since October 2013 & have used it every day since. It still looks great but I'm kind of getting tired of the colors I chose. Next time, I think I will save a few hundred dollars & get one plain.
  3. Interesting point. Never thought about that possibility. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I got my st louis a year ago, all the monogram is chipped. I took it to the store and they replied that was what made the bag beautiful!
  5. Yes, I bet that's what they told you. So annoying. Can I ask what design you put on it and where on the bag?

  6. I recently purchased a St Louis and debated in the store for a good half hour on whether or not to monogram, and decided not to. Honestly, my luck dictates that it will crack and chip within 4 minutes of me leaving the shop, and if I were told that there was no recourse, I'd pretty much be on the news for the scene I would cause.

    Plus, I went with the Jaune and to me, the monogram makes the bag very, very sporty and even more casual than it is.
  7. love your comment about being on the news! lol. yeah, i keep debating. i also tend to have such bad luck and am fearful that i'll be the odd ball who gets it personalized and then it looks all crappy after just a few wears. But boy, i love the idea of playing with all the colors and designing something just my own!

  8. Hey!

    Yeah, I just can't get over the 'no big deal' attitude they have about something like that. Honestly, lets be serious: it's a ridiculous price to pay for what amounts to a cloth tote. But we pay it because we fancy. :biggrin: So to tell us that the bag that costs them a nickel to make is "charming" with a beat down paint job...just no.

    And I feel the same way, that I will tire of the monogram easily, or that it will look like poo and I'll be bitter. And mono for me. ;)
  9. The best Goyards I've seen are all monogrammed, and some of them a bit chipped too. Then again, I'm the mother that didn't kill her child when the child dragged my (only) Chanel 2.55 on the concrete pavement. So yes, I think a few chips and dings do give the bags more personality.
  10. You have a wonderful philosophy. Well said.