Should I get my FIRST LV from....

  1. Elux or eBay?? (The closest LV store is about 3 hrs away!!)
  2. Elux for the sake of authenticity!!
  3. ELux!!!!!!
  4. Elux! (Please do Elux - especially if this is going to be your first LV.)
  5. Elux when you can afford it:yes:
  6. elux
  7. I'm in the same boat with you. The closest boutique is 4 hrs away for me. I agree for the sake of authenticity eLux or my personal preference is to call 866-VUITTON. Shipping if ordered from 866-VUITTON is a $10 flat fee - unless it has gone up since January.
  8. Elux or go to the store anyway. I used to drive 4.5 hours to go to LV. :lol:
  9. elux or 866- customer service is excellant at both and you won't have any authenticity issues.
  10. Elux!:yes: Don't forget to go through ****** so you can get cashback, too.
  11. elux if possible!
  12. elux!!
  13. elux
  14. I say if you have the funds to purchase new go for elux, if not be sure you're purchasing from a MPRS on eBay.
  15. Elux unless you buy from a seller that you KNOW only sells authentics. Let-Trade is one. AuthenticLV_lady is another.
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