Should I get LOVE Scarf & bandeau?

  1. Should I get the bandeau or the scarf or both?
  2. i would try to get one only-scarf, and save the bandeau fund for another LV piece ^^:
  3. get the SCARF!!! I loVe mine!:biggrin:
  4. If you wear scarves than you should get one, if not the bandeau looks cuter on bags.
  5. Is the scarf long enough to tie around your head as a headband as well?
  6. If it were me I would get the bandeau!
  7. Yes it is and you can also wear it as a bandana (which is better for your hair cuz cotton absorbs all the moisture in your hair)
  8. Ok I got both, BUT they are both silk, is yours cotton????
  9. Congrats!

    no mine is silk (I despise cotton lol). I only said the above because some people prefer to use LV's cotton scarves/bandeaux to put in their hair since cotton "grabs" onto the hair better and thus securing it in place. However, at the same time, the downside is sucking out the moisture in the hair. That's why I said or meant to say "silk is better for your hair"
  10. Oh, ok, I get it now LOL. I actually like the bandeau as a belt too!
  11. I would get the bandeau since I'm not a fan of the scarf. Plus I think it looks better on a bag, in the hair, tied around a wrist, etc.
  12. the bandeau is cuter i think in this design.
  13. I'd get the Bandeau!
  14. Bandeau! It has a better design, and it's much better for bags.
    You can also tie it around your wrist.
  15. Haaa, I say go for both!