Should I Get Louis Vuitton Favorite PM bag?

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  1. Or if I put my phone since its magnetic closure, will it fall down from the bag?? Will it get lost? Also does any celebs carry that bag?
  2. Huh? Come again? I'm confused.
  3. I got the Favorite PM last week, love it. I wouldn't use it everyday but perfect for meals out etc. fits my iPhone 6s Plus, small wallet, bits and bobs. I find the magnetic fastening ok but haven't used it anywhere I might need to think about the security of my belongings. I'm happy with it, go to a store and try it out if you can. There were quite a few small bags to choose from when I got mine.
  4. Should I get MM or PM? I'm 5 ft tall. Something similar size as Chanel classic flap bag but not the jumbo size. Would that be PM?
  5. Spend some time on the website comparing. The PM is quite small.
    If I could choose again I'd go for MM.
  6. Do any celebrity own this bag as well?
  7. is where you'll find the answer.
  8. I bought the pm in de and found it a little too small, ended up buying the mm and its perfect. Whether it's dinner or casual it fits what I need to carry including my Iphone 6, mini pochette, key pouch and Emilie wallet:smile:
  9. I couldn't find any that's why I'm asking on here to see
  10. Probably not then.
    Are you searching for modeling shots?
    Or will buy because a celebrity has it?
  11. Both.
  12. You should be able to find a thread on here dedicated to this bag..
    I would suggest go to the boutique and put all your stuff in and try it on.
    You can't know if it's right for you until you try.
  13. Or look on Instagram. Plenty of images there.

  14. Try YouTube, there are reviews, that might answer some of your questions. The magnetic closure is extremely secure, your items should not fall down or out.

    Celebs carrying...yes, try google.
  15. I'm having trouble finding a celeb wearing it.