should I get kusama wallet or neverfull? please help!

  1. Hey guys,

    I really need your opinion, I have just bought a kusama speedy in white. And I only can get one more kusama - either a zippy wallet or nevefull, and which colour you think I should pick?.....I wish I could get both but I try to save up for balenciage and proenza PS1 bags.

    FYI, I don't have any neverful bag and LV wallet. But I do have LV insolite organiser and fendi samll wallet.

    Thank you.... :smile:
  2. Definitely another bag, Kusama Neverfull in red.
  3. Either the neverfull or the cosmetic case if you don't want to over spend?
  4. I vote for the Neverfull!
  5. Neverfull!
  6. nf
  7. Neverfull absolutely:smile:
  8. That's tough because the NF is beautiful, but you would also get a lot of use out of the wallet. I really love LV wallets. Sorry I'm no help! Good luck deciding!
  9. Nf
  10. Nf
  11. Red Neverfull!
  12. Yeah that's the thing. I can use the wallet everyday~ but then the NF is a kill~! confuse~ I have to decide as soon as possible before they all get *sold*~! :
  13. Zippy in red ...
  14. Honestly I love the zippy but NOTHING compares to the Kusama NF-I am wearing mine this week & it is beyond FAB-Please Run don't walk & grab a NF before they are all gone!!!
    DSCF0510-untitled.jpg photo-2-untitled.jpg
  15. Wallet would be my choice