Should I get Kelly 25 sellier in craie color?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    My SA just called to offer me the Kelly 25 sellier craie color with gold HW. I'm still waiting for my first B so if I take the 25, I have to wait 6 months to get the B. For those people have the Kelly 25 sellier, would you please tell me how do you like it?

    FYI I have the Kelly 32 retourne blue atoll also gold HW. I'd love to add another Kelly to my bag collection but size 28 color red or pink. I'm 5ft2 and 120 lbs, don't know if the 25 sellier Kelly will be too small for me.

    I only have couple hours to decide since there are few people interested in the bag.

    Thank you all for your input!

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  2. It's gorgeous I would take it Smaller bags are very desired go from night to day
  3. This bag would suit your frame perfectly! Sellier hold less than retourne just so you are aware bc the leather is super stiff. But I think this is the perfect neutral combo and would snap it up in a :heart:beat! U can't go see it and try??
  4. I don't own a Kelly, but this bag is really beautiful and, if I had the opportunity, I would buy it.
    Good luck with your decision.
  5. I just came home from the store and declined the Kelly 25. Although I love the size and its structure, the color doesn't WOW me and it's kinda hard to open/close.

    I'm still waiting patiently for my Constance 18 and Birkin 30 to arrive. Will do reveal when I receive them. Thanks again ladies. Have a great weekend.
  6. good decision... always wait for the one that you really want
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  7. I posted a thread for the same bag except that mine was a swift retourne offer. I declined because I was afraid of the leather being too soft. If it was in a more structured leather, I would have bought it as craie is a very neutral color.
  8. Funny! I was offered one this morning- I went to store and saw it. I declined too
  9. I like kelly 25, but I think it cannot be an everyday bag. It doesn't really hold much, especially a sellier. However, 25 is super adorable :P
  10. I think you made the right call. Craie in Epsom sellier will possibly get dirty and get color transfer especially as selliers bump against things, and such a light color will be hard to transition to night unless you live somewhere tropical. I would prefer K25 in more versatile colors.