Should I get it?

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  1. Ok now if you don't know, I've been trying to be a good girl. I've managed to keep my handbag purchases at zero to save up for december purchases.

    My list is in order as follows:

    Mini Lin Speedy
    MJ Trish
    Chanel Clutch

    Now I'm sitting here thinking as I opened up, 'Wow I love that bag'. I'm thinking about getting it instead of my chanel clutch (which I may be able to buy later...although I may be able to buy this later as well). I think I just want to add another MJ to my collection. What do you think?

    The Irina


    Or the Saloni


    OR the drawstring bag that I don't have a pic of at this time. bag.lover can you help me out with the name of that bag?
  2. Erika - are you talking about this bag? If so, I *love* this one. It gets my vote!

  3. luvpurses24, yes! That's the one. I like that one too! But as soon as I saw the Irina I just really fell for it. Now I think I may ask about it when I go to Nordies tomorrow.
  4. I love the Saloni but I'm a tote kind of gal. I think that the other quilted one is pretty too. I'm not a huge fan of the black one though, I'm not into the name in eyelets, the shape is nice though.
  5. I love the shape. I think that's why I like it so much. I don't really have a bag like that.
  6. the saloni is sooo hottt!!
  7. I like the shape of the Irina too but I'm not crazy about the eyelet signature. I love the quilted leather look of both the Saloni and that drawstring style so I think you should go for one of those. Let us know what you decide!
  8. I like the Saloni the best
  9. Ditto on the Saloni also. Beautiful year around bag.
  10. The name of that bag is DRAWSTRING HOBO (available in 2 sizes). These hobos (along with Saloni & Emily) are from Resort 2006's MIXED QUILTED LEATHER line. I like this line, the leather is very soft and the styles are very classy. I have seen Irina in real life, I don't like it; I don't like logos on bags though, the entire QUILTED SIGNATURE LEATHER/NYLON lines don't appeal to me -- sorry E.

    STRIPING Trish is from Fall 06 so it might be harder to get later than the other Resort 06 MJ bags you listed.

    Resort 06 styles can sell out too. I'm told by MJ employees that they don't make as many (of the same style) for Resort as Spring and Fall. Resort's more of a transitional season from Fall to Spring. Spring styles are for Spring and Summer, Fall items are for Fall and Winter.

    Are the Chanel & LV limited items? If you don't love them more than the MJ bags, you can always get them later.

    Well, I am trying to put a brake on MJ purchases for myself. I love Chanel and Prada, I also like certain Chloe, Celine, Fendi, YSL, etc. I appreciate all brands.
  11. Ok, well I think I can wait on the chanel clutch. It's really not a NEED at this time. Besides they are probably sold out anyway. The LV isn't really limited, but I really want it. The know I want that bag.lover. So I'm torn. I may just use the money from the clutch on one of the bags I listed...but I don't know. I'm lost.
  12. I love the shape of the Irina too, just wish it didn't have those eyelets. If you heart is calling to the Irina, then go and give it a test run... The quilted bowler is hot too. I don't think you can lose either way. What color do you like the Saloni?
  13. Hi..I like the drawstring bag... I think in general I'm really drawn to white bags for what ever reason. They all seem gorgeous and hard to pass up. But then...I keep trying to be good since I now have 4 versions of white/ivory...
    I have several drawstrings from other designers and have always been able to use them and always get compliments and questions ...probably more than any other bag that's why I think draw string...I think the white phase will pass at some point...anyway I think the color and the style of the drawstring is very elegant. maggie
  14. I don't like Irina, it looks like an average black bag. love Saloni and that drawstring one

  15. I like the cream colored one.:yes: But I have an oat MP and it's got a scuff on it. So I'm afraid to get another light colored bag because I may scuff it again.
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