Should I GET IT???

  1. [​IMG]

    I saw this purse about a year ago and I truly love the logo. Now I have a opportunity to purchase it at a discounted price and something is holding me back. Should I get??? Help!!!

    [​IMG]I have these shoes and they will be perfect together.
  2. I love it...I say YES!
  3. If you really love it, I say YES...get it!!!
  4. ...............a silly question!! But if you want convincing you have asked the right people!! That bag will go fabulously with those shoes. PLUS once this sale is over or even sooner - when that bag sells out you will not get it. JADA stop talking crazy.... go and spoil yourself girl!!!!!!
  5. If you love it, and all you can think about is the purse... then i say buy it!! haha - that's because i've done that before!! has it a little bit cheaper than NM. click on the sale link if it's still up.
  6. I have those shoes in black they are really hot, I get lots of compliments on them all the time. I also just ordered that bag in white, I can't wait to get it!! You should go for it, this sale won't be around for too long. I have bought a lot of Gucci shoes on sale and it always amazes me to see them go back to their regular price.
  7. Go Get IT! =) I want this bag, but I ,myself had to hold back since I'm saving money for moving. But I totally love the bag. I tell myself that if it was meant to be, then maybe I will be able to get it for a great price when I'm ready to purchase. SO get it if it's not the financial matter that holds you. =)
  8. I love it! Get it especially at a discounted price
  9. Thanks ladies- you have been a great help! I purchased it! It will be here soon!
  10. post modeling pics when you get it!
  11. Yaaaaaay!! Congrats... [we're not much help] are we? hehehe... of course we're going to say YES!!
  12. i wanna see pics!!!!!! congratulations on your beautiful new purse!
  13. That purse is lovely. Congrats!!!
  14. Please post pictures.
  15. I saw this bag at Saks outlet, you should definitely get it, it's pretty! With their coupon, it's a little over $700, so it's a good buy, it has amazing leather on it.