Should I get it?

  1. Wow, that question has a lot of parts!!!
    The bag is authentic and lovely!
    The price is fine.

    Do you know if this size works for you?
    Are you comfortable with toile? And Barenia?

    Toile is fabric, wears like iron. Think fire hose material. Toile can be cleaned.

    Barenia will show scratches, but only momentarily, it likes a good rubbing and then scratches disappear and it takes on a beautiful caramel patina over time and use. I love barenia.

    We hardly ever answer NO to the question posed in the title of your thread....LOL

    Barenia and toile are lovely and classic.
    IMHO, this is a perfect sized bag. I love the HAC.

    If you think so, too, then go for it!!!
  2. Ok, I guess I should also state that I know this combo well... I have the same combo in another bag I own. I LOVE :heart:this combo however I am just now starting to buy off Hermes off eBay. I don't want to get taken... in one way or another. I believe this bag is authentic. Just want to make sure the condition, seller, price and so on is right. I am just trying to be cautious as I have never bought Hermes out of the store. I thought I read somthing about this bag on here....
  3. Thanks CB! I need somone to push me:graucho:
  4. I think there was some story about a 40cm combo... ~I don't think it is this one.... and oooo it is beautiful!!!! and the price is right too.
  5. YAY! Thanks H&H. Just what I needed to hear before I went downstairs to "sleep on it".
  6. Good luck Hermeschic!!!
  7. this is a Dutch saying seriously ;) sleep on it!!! next morning when still murmeling ... take it!
  8. It´s stunning and in great shape. The question is; can you afford it, do you absolutely love it, if so get it.
  9. It's a beauty
  10. hc, yes you should get it and then do the 'striptease' reveal on the main page. ;) It's a pretty bag. :smile:
  11. Sorry -I'm off beam tonight - when I clicked on your link, the first pic of the bag you like looked like a check, not toile. Sorry!
  12. All check indicates a go!
  13. Hermesgoddess is a memeber of tPF and is a very knowledgeable and responsive seller. If you have any questions about the bag, contact her thru eBay. Good luck! The price is right.