should i get it???

  1. ok so im in tokyo, i bought two birkins so far, one from hermes, and one from a reseller (at a good price), i saw an interesting birkin, its a bi color , of gold/white (gold from the front, the rest is white, not sure what leather, 35cm with gold hardware...a looks brand new from the outside, but the SO DIRTY, im talking a huge ink stain at the bottom and just alof of stains, the price, is about 2500 euros, the price of a chanel bag i was going to get, so its a bargain, and its clean from the outside...but the inside is jjust so :X, do you still think i should get it? and maybe take it myself to have it cleaned at any place even hermes, or not? the leather combo is rare and reallly pretty...but im not sure...any help?
  2. Hi, if you really like it (the outside) and it seems a very special bag, well the price is really good. I have succesfully removed inktstains, you could see what spots clear up using a leathercleaner, or just send out to Hermes ? In the end I think the outside is the most important
  3. You are definitely on an Hermes high, from the sound of it!! What fun!

    This bag sounds really unique and is probably quite beautiful. I don't think I have ever seen one quite like you are describing. I think that you should really ask yourself how much a dirty or damaged interior means to you--some people would immediately say no to that bag, while others (myself included) would probably seriously consider it. Based on the scarcity of the combination, and the fact that the exterior is pristine, I personally vote for saying YES. Why? Because to me, even if the interior cannot eventually be cleaned fully, you can always use a purse organizer/insert like a Purseket or Chameleon to camouflage the ink stains and so forth.
  4. I was just going to say the same thing as Cynthia. It sounds like a very unique and stunning bag at a great price. You could always try to clean the interior and put a bagmate organizer into your bag to hide the flaws. I'd go for it. You're not in tokyo everyday and you certainly don't see this unique bi-colour everyday.

    BTW, were you able to visit some of my recommended resellers? did you find others? Which of the SA helped you at H? Was she Wantanbe-san? Let me in on the details.
  5. ITA with Cyn and LTC....a bagmate hiides a multitude of sins, but it does depend on how you feel about it in general

    LTC, is sukkar on your tour!! ;)
  6. Thanks you guys...ill pass by and see if its still there and post pics..
    licence- i visited herpla, got a 35cm gold/congac ostrich for such a good price..and its a stamp J...for 2006 right? a guy helped me there and told me the bag is 2nd hand but i swear u couldnt has noo scratches nothing...i got it for the same price of a regular birkin at hermes.
    at hermes ginza, i bought a 40cm vert anis togo, i dont know the SA name, she was young and short, it was such a quick buy because i knew i wanted it when i saw it!!
    ill update you on this bag...i hope its still there!!
  7. Oooh Vert Anis Togo, very very nice! And great find on a flawless preowned bag, as well! Sounds like you are scoring bigtime in Tokyo :tup:
  8. Congrats on 1000+posts Cynthia!

    CoblatBlu - I am still working on that thank you note to you and DQ. I have such bad manners. dd was sick, i was sick and now dh is sick. I do like your new avatar, but I miss the rouge h beauty also.

    :back2topic: Sukkar - Wow, I guess you didn't get the black croc, but you scored two great bags. I love the vert anis and gold. BTW, Japanese are very good to their bags. All of my vintage h bags from tokyo resellers are near perfect condition. I am glad you're having fun in Tokyo.

    Coblat/MrsM - you must come for a visit.
  9. :wtf: OMG! Thank you! I hadn't even noticed that.

    I talk a LOT, apparently.
  10. Don't you worry. I love to listen.:heart:
  11. if you like it enough, buy it, inside you can use one of those chameleon liner and it won't be that much of an eye sore..
    u too can bring it in for cleaning too.
  12. Hmmm .... I would check with Hermes to ask how much it could cost to replace the interior lining. Yes, they would have to take the bag apart and re-sew the bag. And if the cost is not too prohibitive, I would really consider doing that.

    If I can't live with the stain, then what I will do is to ask for the same combo in a SO. It won't be immediate gratification though. Possibly 6 - 24 months' wait!
  13. I am against buying that bag, regardless of how special it is.
    For me, if the inside of a bag is ruined like that (and there is nothing that even the best cleaner at Hermes can do against that inkstain), it ruins the whole bag, I would be disappointed every time I open it, I would never love that bag. But that's just me.
  14. That color combo sounds to die for:drool:
    However, I guess it depends on how much you really LOVE the outside of the bag. I do think you must really LOVE the outside to be able to deal with the inside. If its just a neat bag that you like because it is different, I think you should pass. But, if you LOVE the outside and know that this is a bag you would special order exactly as it is (without the ink), I say go for it (take it to Hermes and see what they can do)!

    Can't wait to see pics;)
  15. The bag is ruined, I wouldn't spend two hundred on that bag. Don't waist your money.:tdown: