should i get it?

  1. Yes!!! Snatch that baby up!!!
  2. GREAT price! Did you get it?
  3. Doesnt show up what is it :sad:
  4. Ohhh - such dark patina though - :sad:

    ETA: for that price jump on it and get the leather replaced.
  5. hmm...if you like it you should go for it since its a good price but i think the patina is a bit dark and the screen printing seems rubbed off quite a bit. If I were you i'd wait til a better one comes along.
  6. what is it. i click on it and nothing :sad:
  7. If I did not just recently buy this- I would def get it! Buy It!!!!
  8. good price! go for it! :yes:
  9. get it!
  10. I wouldn't- the silkscreen rub-off is pretty noticeable and the patina borders on foul.
  11. i haven't decided if i should get it yet. i agree with you all about the patina and the silkscreening... that's why i started the thread, to get your opinions. we'll see what happens.
  12. it's a graffiti pochette with the peach-colored graffiti silkscreen.
  13. *one of my dream bags*

    I :heart: the graffiti line above all
  14. Id wait for a better condition one, or ask him for a discount, the silkscreen rub off is pretty noticeable, but it is gorgeous!