Should I get it?? Pond Ergo Tote

  1. I am loving this bag and the color my only fear is that it wont go with everything I wear?? I wear jeans usually all the time .. black,pink,white,brown shirts..

    Someone tell me what you think.. and also how does this material feel in real life ?? I have never felt or seen it..


  2. The patent leather is really really soft and not stiff at all.

    I wear jeans alot and think the color would go great jeans!
  3. I saw this bag yesterday at the Coach store & was surprised at how pretty it is IRL. The material is so different that any other I've seen before- it's really eye-catching, in a good way. I think that it will go with the colors you described in your wardrobe very well, and if you're a jeans girls, you really shouldn't have a probably. This seems like a good everyday bag to me, actually. It's colorful but not crazy. If you want, you could put a brown, tan, or white scarf on it to blend it with those kinds of colors more, like neutrals. I also saw an ergo tote with signature C's on it that was lined with the patent leather. I thought it was so cool!! It combined the sig with the leather. If you want something like that, it's another option. Good luck!! :smile:
  4. its such a pretty color ... I just dont know know to get the hobo or the tote
  5. I saw how the tattersall scarf looked on it very cute..
  6. I love that color! I totally think it would go with what you wear! Personally I think I would go with the hobo!
  7. how much bigger is the tote vs. hobo?? does it sit comfortable on your arm??
  8. I LOVE it and would get it if I could! I like the look of the tote in pond more so then the hobo. But that is just me! I want to get exactly what you have posted :smile:
  9. If you really want the pond color you should get it in whatever style you like.
    I don't think Coach is making the pond color in the Pleated Leather ergos later
    in the Spring.

  10. so its more of a limited edition color?? and I want the one that will be more comfortable I cant decide between the 2.. tote or hobo :shrugs:
  11. It is cute.. if you like the color go for the style that suits you better. For me it is the hobo hands down. :tup: