Should I get it???Limited Edition Coach Signature PEONY Tote

  1. I am suddenly dying for this bag.
    I took a break from my beloved Coach for about a year and sold all but my wristlets and one purse on the Bay. But am feeling the itch again. What do you think? There are only 800 of these out there.
    Looks adorable for a summer bag. number is 11387


    ps: I am new to the purseblog and luv it!!!

  2. I love it!
  3. I like it. I think it would be an awesome bag for spring/summer.
  4. That's cute :smile:
  5. Go for it girl! and welcome!
  6. I thought that was sold out!
    well if you can get it deffinatley do it's really cute!
    do you have any other info? i know there was 2 sizes i think..... do you know about that and the prices?
  7. I say go for it, it's ADORABLE and the colors are perfect for spring! That's a great sized tote too!

    PS - Welcome to the forum! :flowers:
  8. i think this came in 3 sizes. someone had it here....not sure who it was. it's super-cute!
  9. Welcome! You are going to love it here at tPF! As for the purse, I think it's will also come to find that many of us on the Coach sub-forum LOVE! I'd say go for it!
  10. I think the bag is unique in a good way... since there wasn't a lot of them made, I think its one of a kind!! The colors would be peferct for spring... cute bag!! :tup:
  11. Welcome to the forum! :flowers:

    That's a really cute bag. If you really want it, you should go for it!
  12. welcome! the bag is sooo cute and fun!
  13. I've got the medium (see avatar) and I absolutely love it. If you can grab it for a decent price, I'd say get it, you won't regret it!!!
  14. I remember that bag from a while ago. I actually wanted the matching scarf at one point, but it sold out before most of us even knew it was available. If you are going to regret not getting it, then definitely pick one up. I agree that it would make an adorable bag for the summer.
  15. That bag is TDF! So beautiful, I saw one a couple of months ago on eBay but at the time it was beyond my budget so I didn't get. I think you should get it!