Should I get EB city?

  1. Help,

    I've bought my 1st bal bag, a sky blue city. Should I get the gorgeous EB city or should I get another pop colour instead?:confused1:
  2. that depends on your personal preference and what you mean by pop colours... red? yellow? pink?
  3. you just bought your first city and you're having a second thought? if you absolutely love the colour then keep it, but if you're thinking about the EB, is there any stores near by? go and try them on!
  4. I say go for another color since you already have a blue bag!
  5. ^ ITA!!But better go and check out your local Bal shop or department store so you can see anf feel the leather IRL :flowers:
  6. I think Sky Blue is a gorgeous shade. If you love blues muchly, you should get EB & maybe build a nice collection of blues. But IMHO if you are new, it is good to diverse the colours in your collection. I am trying to have only one from a colour family. As much as I am tempted by Sky Blue & Pale Magenta, I woud not be getting any for now since I have BG & EB already.
  7. get the EB!
  8. eb & sb are v different & both gorgeous ~ if you :heart: your blues ~ i say go for it! :flowers:
  9. ^i agree, they look completely different IRL :yes: i already have vert d'eau, but i would certainly consider another geen bag... i'm not a pink or yellow gal, so i wouldnt have one of those simply to make my collection diverse... go with what you like :yes:
  10. Are you keeping the sky blue? I have the EB wallet and am waiting for the EB city. My wallet is TDF so I say go for it!! But, I also think 2 blues may be redundant unless you just love blue. If you like variety, you should try another color. I also just bought the magenta and I love it too. It's going to be great for spring.
  11. All I can say is that I simply adore my EB City so recommend it to you heartily.
  12. YES! Deffo get the EB City!!!!
  13. I have both the Sky Blue city and the Electric Blue city and love them both! They are very different from each other.
  14. I just got my city in EB and love it! The light and EB will give different looks. I can try and post pix later. Seriously if u like blues it's a great color!
  15. I think the EB is a GORGEOUS, and totally vibrant color! I just bought a Vert D'eau City but once I get the money saved up, I'm totally buying an EB work or city!