Should I get Cafe in Twiggy or City???


psalm 25:4
Sep 18, 2006
Hi guys!
I want to get a bag in Cafe but not sure which style ... I LOVE the City style but I have 3 already and I have never seen the Twiggy IRL, but thought I might try one ... does the Twiggy open wide like the City and does it hold as much?
All opinions appreciated!
welp, my 1st b-bag was a twiggy & i adored her :love:...but she was awkward to carry, because when i filled her up too much, she felt like a barrel under my arm :s...the weight wasn't evenly distributed either, so that made it uncomfortable to carry (which is why i sold her & got 2 boxes instead ;))...but the style is really cool & holds almost as much as a city & i know lots of gals love it!!!
Hi aaa!

Thanks! I DON'T want to order from BalNY just in case ... but the Barneys in Chicago told me they do not order the Twiggy style ... maybe a NM will get one in and I can order there, but does anyone know if I can return to my local NM even if they DO NOT carry BBags???
Well, I have been tempted to get a twiggy myself. I only have one city now and have been reluctant to get a twiggy since some gals say it's too long, it's too awkward, etc.
qv when i tried twiggy on.. it didnt look good on me at all.. and i didnt like it :crybaby:
so my vote is city :love: i bet it will look great in such a dark color :yes:

((( HI ))) !!! (waving!)

I love the City style so I should just stick with that, but I sure would like to see a Twiggy IRL ...
OH, and I ordered my White City yesterday :yahoo: keep your fingers crossed for super veiny and shiney! :P