Should I get Cafe in Twiggy or City???

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  1. Hi guys!
    I want to get a bag in Cafe but not sure which style ... I LOVE the City style but I have 3 already and I have never seen the Twiggy IRL, but thought I might try one ... does the Twiggy open wide like the City and does it hold as much?
    All opinions appreciated!
  2. welp, my 1st b-bag was a twiggy & i adored her :love:...but she was awkward to carry, because when i filled her up too much, she felt like a barrel under my arm :s...the weight wasn't evenly distributed either, so that made it uncomfortable to carry (which is why i sold her & got 2 boxes instead ;))...but the style is really cool & holds almost as much as a city & i know lots of gals love it!!!
  3. Hi aaa!

    Thanks! I DON'T want to order from BalNY just in case ... but the Barneys in Chicago told me they do not order the Twiggy style ... maybe a NM will get one in and I can order there, but does anyone know if I can return to my local NM even if they DO NOT carry BBags???
  4. anyone know if the Twiggy is similar to the LV Speedy 30 or 25 ???
  5. Well, I have been tempted to get a twiggy myself. I only have one city now and have been reluctant to get a twiggy since some gals say it's too long, it's too awkward, etc.
  6. Check w/ the Nordstroms in Sacramento, CA..
  7. i love twiggy u should definitely try it :yes:
  8. i say city all the way.... :smile:

    cafe is a great color, i kinda like it too!!
  9. City in cafe would be yummy!!! I love that dark rich color.
  10. I would get a city or a day, this color sounds like a wonderful everyday bag/color.

    I wonder about a café day myself...
  11. I'm getting the day in cafe. Think it will be a great everyday bag.
  12. City !!!!!!
  13. twiggy , i like this style a lot!
  14. qv when i tried twiggy on.. it didnt look good on me at all.. and i didnt like it :crybaby:
    so my vote is city :love: i bet it will look great in such a dark color :yes:

  15. ((( HI ))) !!! (waving!)

    I love the City style so I should just stick with that, but I sure would like to see a Twiggy IRL ...
    OH, and I ordered my White City yesterday :yahoo: keep your fingers crossed for super veiny and shiney! :P