Should I get both the Mono Speedy 25 & 40?

  1. I have decided to get the Mono Speedy 25, no doubt about it. I am planning to use it as an everyday bag (perfect for work and for the weekends as well). But I have actually fallen in love with the Speedy 40 too. I am going on a holiday in August and I thought the 40 would be the perfect carry on bag and I would use the speedy 25 too as my handbag? Do you girls think? That way the two bags are not too similar in size and if I ever feel like using a big bag for the day, I could still use the speedy 40? Your opinion please?
  2. If you want both you should get both. Or maybe you can get the 25 in lets say the damier and then the 40 in the monogram maybe that way you have more of a variety.
  3. ^ ITA! get both but in diff line :smile:
  4. I love the Mono, I am not a big fan of the damier.
  5. I would get both but different line. For me, I would get mono and damier but since you don't like damier, maybe you can go for epi, azur, etc.

    But if you really prefer mono among all, just get both in mono. After all, their size is not too similar, as you said. :p
  6. You can get both but I think if you were carrying both at the airport or something it might look a little weird. Definately get the speedy 25 - I have it and LOOOOVE it.
  7. i'd say go for it if you really want both in mono :smile: as you said you plan to use the 25 as an everyday bag and the 40 for holidays. so there, 2 diff purpose :p and the 40 is versatile enough to be limited on travels only, so it's not like it's going to be stuck unused for months. so now if i see a pretty girl with a pretty speedy 40 walking down pitt street, i'll definitely know it's you :graucho:
  8. Actually you girls got me thinking :shrugs: :hysteric:. Maybe I should pick the Epi Speedy 25 instead of the Mono speedy 25? I don't think they make the Speedy 40 in any other line apart from the mono. O man I am so confussed now :confused1: .
    Do you think I would look stupid if I carried both the Mono Speedy 25 and 40 at the airport????????? O dear.......
  9. I absolutely love my mono speedy 25 - get that one! I use it almost every day! I have the 30 too, in mono also, which I like, but don't use quite as much. I have the Damier 25, but don't use it unless it's pouring - just don't love it quite as much!

    You can't go wrong with the mono 25, and I love the idea of a 40 for a carryon too!
  10. I think theyre definitely different enough to get both but might I say that the 40 is huge. Get the 25 for sure but as for the 40 I'm petite and it would look HUGE on me so I wonder how usful it would be when your not on Holiday. I just took my 30 on an hour flight with me a few days ago... I had the 30 and ONE other bag and it got REALLY REALLY clumbersome. It was so heavy my arm felt like it would fall off and I didnt even fill it. I found it difficult to juggle my items (the 30, a check-in, and one other bag). It was also a pain when I had to use the restroom.
  11. I think a speedy 25/ keepall 45 combo would suit your needs and still look good together.
  12. ^I agree. That's what I was thinking of. Make sure it's with the shoulder strap.
  13. I am not too sure about the Speedy with the shoulder strap, I personally think it looks ugly. I am getting the Mono Speedy 25 for sure, I am still deciding whether I will get to use much of the Speedy 40. Mono Speedy 25 here I come...........
  14. The 40 is way too big to use as a purse honestly. I say get both anyway, who cares what it looks like carrying both? You'll be happy!!! :smile:

    I love my 40 and I stuffed that thing FULL when I flew home.

  15. Thanks for your pic PurseFanatic! I love the look of the Speedy 40 on you. Actually seeing the pic, it doesn't look too big at all. Have you used your as an everday bag? Or do you only go travelling with it? I wonder how much will fit into a speedy 40?